jk0-022 comptia academic/e2c security+ (31 to 40)

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2016 Jun JK0-022 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. Which of the following is being tested when a company’s payroll server is powered off for eight hours? 

A. Succession plan 

B. Business impact document 

C. Continuity of operations plan 

D. Risk assessment plan 

Answer: C 

Q32. Ann has read and write access to an employee database, while Joe has only read access. Ann is leaving for a conference. Which of the following types of authorization could be utilized to trigger write access for Joe when Ann is absent? 

A. Mandatory access control 

B. Role-based access control 

C. Discretionary access control 

D. Rule-based access control 

Answer: D 

Q33. Access mechanisms to data on encrypted USB hard drives must be implemented correctly otherwisE. 

A. user accounts may be inadvertently locked out. 

B. data on the USB drive could be corrupted. 

C. data on the hard drive will be vulnerable to log analysis. 

D. the security controls on the USB drive can be bypassed. 

Answer: D 

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Q34. A security technician is attempting to improve the overall security posture of an internal mail server. Which of the following actions would BEST accomplish this goal? 

A. Monitoring event logs daily 

B. Disabling unnecessary services 

C. Deploying a content filter on the network 

D. Deploy an IDS on the network 

Answer: B 

Q35. Which of the following was based on a previous X.500 specification and allows either unencrypted authentication or encrypted authentication through the use of TLS? 

A. Kerberos 




Answer: D 

Q36. Ann, a security administrator, wishes to replace their RADIUS authentication with a more secure protocol, which can utilize EAP. Which of the following would BEST fit her objective? 



C. Kerberos 

D. Diameter 

Answer: D 


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Q37. During the analysis of a PCAP file, a security analyst noticed several communications with a remote server on port 53. Which of the following protocol types is observed in this traffic? 



C. Email 


Answer: B 

Q38. A company determines a need for additional protection from rogue devices plugging into physical ports around the building. Which of the following provides the highest degree of protection from unauthorized wired network access? 

A. Intrusion Prevention Systems 

B. MAC filtering 

C. Flood guards 

D. 802.1x 

Answer: D 

Q39. LDAP and Kerberos are commonly used for which of the following? 

A. To perform queries on a directory service 

B. To store usernames and passwords for Federated Identity 

C. To sign SSL wildcard certificates for subdomains 

D. To utilize single sign-on capabilities 

Answer: D 

Q40. Which of the following implementation steps would be appropriate for a public wireless hot-spot? 

A. Reduce power level 

B. Disable SSID broadcast 

C. Open system authentication 

D. MAC filter 

Answer: C 

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