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Q131. Match the following loading option to the description of when to useit. "ETL Tool"

A. Brian wants to consolidate all his accounts from several systems.

B. Bill wants to load 20,000 lead records.

C. Beckywants to load all her 65,000 contact records.

D. Bob wants to load asingle account record.

E. Berta wants to keep a separate system asher "system of record"

Answer: A


If a customer indicates they're keen to build a strong pipeline whatkey elements of the lead generation and lead qualification processrequires consideration?

Answer: How you create trusted data through identifying the and determining the needs for leads

Using validation rules to ensure data integrity on import Ensure the organization has a de-dup process in place

Consider field level security, assignment and hidden fields rather than overdoing validation


How can Force.com Flow be used?

Answer: 1. To sell products for sales representatives

2. To troubleshoot customer issues for call centre agents

Q134. What are some common security challenges? (Select all that apply)

A. Consultants have different beliefs about the optimal level of security for clients

B. Different industries require and follow different security models

C. Marketing and sales organizations differ on how they access contacts.

D. Salesforce users must have access to the right records and only see relevant data.

Answer: BCD


Where multiple currencies are enabled, how is theuser’spersonal currency amount displayed?

Answer: In parentheses.


If a lead that has been campaigned to decides to proceed with an opportunity, how is this information tracked through the sales life-cycle?

Answer: When you convert a lead that is linked to a campaign, campaign name is

automatically inserted into the opportunity Primary CampaignSource field and tracked (via opportunity and report).


In anorganizationwith a private sharing model, Sam is a sales exec that reports to John, a Sales Manager. Sam has ownership of theABC Company account record, and also has created an opportunityfor ABC Co. Can Sam see John's data?

Answer: No. John, as the manager in the hierarchy can see Sam's data, butnot the other way around.


Are roll up summary fields supported if you are using Advanced Currency Management?

Answer: Yes. Organizations with advanced currency management support roll-up summary fields between two advanced currency managementobjects. For example, roll-up summary fields are supported from anopportunity line object to its opportunity object, because both are advanced currency management enabled. The fields must howevermust be from advanced currency management objects.


Put the following steps in order to set up Google AdWords to work seamlessly with Salesforce.

A .Convert leads into new customers 

B.Advertise your business on Google 

C.Capture leads on your website

Answer: BCA

Q140. Which of the following describes the Probability field?

A. Identifies where a deal is in relation to actually being closed.

B. Determines therow in your Forecast where the amount will be aggregated.

C. Thennumeric prediction that the revenue from an opportunity will be realized.

Answer: C