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Exam Code: VCA6-NV (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: VMware Certified Associate 6 – Network Virtualization
Certification Provider: VMware
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2016 Jun VCA6-NV Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Which port must be available for communication between the NSX Manager and vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, and NSX appliances?

A. 22

B. 80

C. 443

D. 902

Answer: C

Q12. Which statement describes proper packet processing of layer 3 traffic in an NSX for vSphere topology?

A. All packets are processed by the distributed router. No packets are processed by the Logical Router Control VM.

B. Only packets requiring routing to another VM on the same host are processed by the distributed router. Other packets are processed by the Logical Router Control VM.

C. Only packets requiring routing to another VM on a different host are processed by the distributed router. Other packets are processed by the Logical Router Control VM.

D. All packets requiring routing are processed by performing a lookup in the Logical Router Control VM and then forwarded.

Answer: A

Q13. An administrator will deploy NSX within an existing vSphere environment containing two vCenter Server instances. Each vCenter Server manages three clusters with 16 ESXi hosts per cluster.

How many NSX Manager instances would be required for this deployment?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 6

Answer: B

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Q14. Which Layer 2 bridge is supported by the Distributed Router?

A. VCD-NI to VLAN bridge

B. VXLAN to PVLAN bridge

C. VCD-NI to PVLAN bridge

D. VXLAN to VLAN bridge

Answer: D

Q15. Which two are pieces of information required to perform an NSX backup? (Choose two.)

A. Transfer protocol

B. Default Port

C. Number of backups retained

D. Filename prefix

Answer: AD

Q16. To provide high availability and resilience for your NSX Manager deployment, you should utilize which high availability feature?

A. Configure the NSX Manager virtual machine(s) for Fault Tolerance

B. Install multiple NSX Managers per vCenter Server installation.

C. Configure the use of vSphere HA and DRS.

D. Configure NSX High Availability.

Answer: C


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Q17. How is the Bridge Instance chosen?

A. It is chosen based on the ESXi host where the Logical Router Control VM is running.

B. It is manually assigned by the vSphere administrator when the distributed portgroup is configured.

C. During an election process among all ESXi hosts. The host with the highest MAC address is selected.

D. The VTEP configured with the highest VXLAN Network Identifier (VNI) is selected.

Answer: A

Q18. — Exhibit –

An NSX administrator creates the NSX network in the exhibit:

What destination IP address will Host-A use when sending a VXLAN frame to Host-B?

A. The IP address of one of Host-B's new vmkernel ports created during host configuration.

B. The IP address of Host-B's management vmkernel port, which is also the VTEP IP address.

C. The IP address of Host-B's NSX Controller. The NSX Controller forwards the VXLAN frame to Host-B.

D. The IP address Host-B provided to Host-A during VXLAN tunnel setup negotiations.

Answer: A

Q19. Which option shows an advantage of implementing logical firewalls in NSX?

A. NSX allows segmentation of virtual machines based upon VM names or user identity.

B. NSX provides traffic forwarding between layer 2 broadcast domains.

C. NSX allows virtual machine traffic to follow multiple paths to a specific destination.

D. NSX provides the ability to provide IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack configuration.

Answer: A

Q20. A company hosts an internal website on multiple virtual machines on a Logical Switch with VNI 7321. A Distributed Router serves as the virtual machines' default gateway.

When an user resolves the URL for the website, the internal DNS server responds with the IP address of one of the virtual machine's IP addresses in a round robin fashion. The company wants to deploy an NSX Edge Service Load Balancer and maintain the use of the Distributed Router for the virtual machines' default gateway.

Which mode can the NSX Edge Load Balancer can be deployed to meet the Company's needs?

A. One-Arm

B. Transparent

C. Local

D. Global

Answer: A

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