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2016 Jun 250-316 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. Which software compression algorithm does Symantec Backup Exec 2012 use? 

A. FRF9 




Answer: D 

Q2. Which Symantec Backup Exec 2012 deduplication option allows an organization to replicate data across sites with minimal recovery costs? 

A. optimized deduplication 

B. optimized duplication 

C. optimized replication 

D. optimized staging 

Answer: B 

Q3. Which two are supported methods for deploying the Agent for Linux? (Select two.) 

A. push-install the Linux Agent from the Symantec Backup Exec console 

B. install the Agent for Linux on a local Linux server 

C. push-install the Linux Agent from one Linux server to other remote Linux servers 

D. use FTP to install the package 

E. install the Agent for Linux on a Windows server 

Answer: BC 

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Q4. Which two operations are invalid with legacy backup-to-disk folders? (Select two.) 

A. backup 

B. catalog 

C. restore 

D. Simplified Disaster Recovery 

E. inventory 

Answer: AD 

Q5. Which two steps must be performed to move a disk storage device to a new location? (Select two.) 

A. copy the files with extensions .bkf and .cfg, and all folders with IMG prefix to the new location 

B. copy the files with .bkf extension and all folders with IMG prefix to the new location C. copy the \\BEControl folder to the root of the volume where the new device is located D. give the new location a different name than the original 

E. give the new location the same name as the original 

Answer: BE 

Q6. Which tool should be used to collect debug logs for a failing backup of a remote server? 

A. BEUtility.exe 

B. Ramcmd.exe 

C. VxMon.exe 

D. SGMon.exe 

Answer: D 


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Q7. Client-side deduplication is unsupported on which operating system? 

A. Novell OES 2 

B. Red Hat 5.5 

C. SUSE 11 

D. Windows 2003 R2 

Answer: A 

Q8. What is the minimum amount of free RAM required for client-side deduplication for a Windows client? 

A. 1 GB 

B. 1.5 GB 

C. 8 GB 

D. 512 MB 

Answer: B 

Q9. A customer needs duplicates of a backup on disk and tape and prefers to store the tape off-site. Which method should the customer use to minimize backup time? 

A. back up using Physical to Virtual (P2V) 

B. back up to disk and tape using deduplication 

C. back up to disk and add stage to duplicate to tape 

D. back up using multi-streaming to go to tape and disk simultaneously 

Answer: C 

Q10. A Customer is trying to use Push-install to deploy the Agent for Windows to a computer running Symantic Endpoint Protection. The install continues to fail. 

What must be enabled in Symantic Endpoint Protection? 

A. Verify that file and print sharing is turned off. 

B. Verify that file and print sharing is turned on. 

C. Disable all firewall setting. 

D. Enable application control and allow Symantic Backup Exec application to run. 

Answer: B

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