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2016 Jun 640-722 Study Guide Questions:

Q131. – (Topic 1) 

Which statement about an infrastructure basic service set is true according to IEEE 802.11 specifications? 

A. The set also is called an ad hoc network. 

B. The BSSID is generated from the first wireless client that starts up in the IBSS. 

C. The set enables the use of ESS. 

D. No signals are relayed from one client to another client. 

Answer: C 


The set-up formed by the access point and the stations located within its coverage area are called the basic service set (or infrastructure basic service set, or BSS for short). Each BSS forms one cell. 

We can link several BSS’s together (it means we link access points) using a connection called a distribution system in order to form an extended service set or ESS. The distribution system can also be a wired network, a cable between two access points or even a wireless network. 

Note: When a station moves from one access point to another in an ESS, it is called roaming. 

Q132. – (Topic 6) 

When using the CLI command eping, configured for auto-anchor mobility wireless guest access, which type of packet is tested? 

A. data packets 

B. mobility unencrypted packets 

C. mobility encrypted packets 

D. SNMP control packets 

E. NTP control packets 

Answer: A 


Make sure that foreign to anchor communication is possible for mobility traffic. You can test this communication with the eping command (which tests data packets sent to the mobility port UDP 16666) and the mping command (which tests Ethernet over IP encapsulation over the tunnel). 

Reference: CCNA Wireless (640-722 IUWNE) Quick Reference Guide page 62 

Topic 7, Mix Questions Set 

228. – (Topic 7) 

What protocol overcomes the weaknesses of LEAP? 





Answer: C 

Q133. – (Topic 2) 

You have an organization that has a growing number of standalone APs. You would like to migrate to lightweight APs and manage them through Cisco WCS. 

Which software platform allows you to make this migration? 

A. The enterprise version of Cisco WCS allows this migration and provides the most flexibility in the number of APs supported. 

B. CiscoWorks WLSE is the only management platform that allows this migration, but it is limited to 500 APs. 

C. You can migrate your network to Cisco WCS single server with the CiscoWorks WLSE upgrade software upgrade. 

D. You can migrate the network by using either the single server or enterprise software platforms, both using the CiscoWorks WLSE upgrade software upgrade. 

Answer: C 

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/wcs/4-1/configuration/guide/wcscfg41/wcswarr.html 

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Q134. – (Topic 7) 

An engineer is using WCS' client troubleshooting tool to investigate issues with a client device. What is the longest log capture they will be able to take? 

A. 2 minutes 

B. 5 minutes 

C. 10 minutes 

D. 30 minutes 

Answer: C 

Q135. – (Topic 5) 

A network engineer in the GUI of WCS version 7 wants to add an autonomous access point. Where can this command be found in the drop-down menu?

A. Configure > Access Point > Add Autonomous APs 

B. Manage > Access Points > Add Autonomous APs 

C. Administration > Access Point > Add Autonomous APs 

D. Location > Access Point > Add Autonomous APs 

Answer: A 


From WCS, the following methods are available for adding autonomous access points: 

. Add autonomous access points by Device information (IP addresses and credentials). 

. Add autonomous access points by CSV file 

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/wcs/7-0/configuration/guide/WCS70cg/7_0apcfg.html#wp1054452 

Q136. – (Topic 7) 

An engineer has been asked to disable all OFDM rates in the wireless environment. What three rates should be disabled to fulfill this requirement? (Choose three.) 

A. 2 

B. 5.5 

C. 6 

D. 9 

E. 11 

F. 12 

G. 18 

Answer: A,B,E 


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Q137. – (Topic 5) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

Cisco WCS version 7.0 has a configuration mismatch with what is actually running in the controller. Which menu leads to the Audit Status Report? 

A. Security 

B. Monitor 

C. Configure 

D. Services 

E. Administration 

F. Tools 

Answer: C 


The Configure menu enables you to configure templates, controllers, access points, Ethernet switches, chokepoints, Wi-Fi TDOA receivers, config groups, auto provisioning, scheduled configuration tasks, profiles, ACS view servers, and TFTP servers on your network. 

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/wcs/7-0/configuration/guide/WCS70cg/7_0wst.html#wp1068994 

Q138. – (Topic 6) 

A network engineer is troubleshooting a LAP that is unable to join the controller and receives the message below: 

LWAPP_CLIENT_ERROR_DEBUG. No more AP manager IP addresses remain. 

What does the log indicate? 

A. Two or more LAPs have the same IP address. 

B. An AP manager has the same IP address as another AP manager. 

C. A LAP has the same IP address as the AP manager. 

D. Two or more controllers have the same IP address. 

Answer: C 


Problem 13: Duplicate IP address in the network 

This is another common issue that is seen when the AP tries to join the WLC. You might see this error message when the AP tries to join the controller. 

No more AP manager IP addresses remain 

One of the reasons for this error message is when there is a duplicate IP address on the network that matches the AP manager IP address. In such a case, the LAP keeps power cycling and cannot join the controller. 

The debugs will show that the WLC receives LWAPP discovery requests from the APs and transmits a LWAPP discovery response to the APs. However, WLCs do not receive LWAPP join requests from the APs. 

In order to troubleshoot this issue, ping the AP manager from a wired host on the same IP subnet as the AP manager. Then, check the ARP cache. If a duplicate IP address is found, remove the device with the duplicate IP address or change the IP address on the device so that it has a unique IP address on the network. 

The AP can then join the WLC. 

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless/4400-series-wireless-lan-controllers/99948-lap-notjoin-wlc-tshoot.html 

Q139. – (Topic 7) 

What three characteristics are components of mobility anchoring? (Choose three.) 

A. enabled as a global setting 

B. enabled on a per WLAN basis 

C. restricts clients to a specific subnet 

D. client traffic is tunneled to predefined WLC(s) 

E. only one mobility anchor is allowed per WLAN 

F. acts as master controller for a mobility group 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q140. – (Topic 2) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

Which syslog facility option is shown? 

A. an information field, which is added to every message that comes from the WLC 

B. a security feature, which is set on the syslog server 

C. the type of syslog server 

D. the Cisco WLC identifier for this syslog server 

Answer: A 


A facility level is used to specify what type of program is logging a message. This lets the configuration file specify that messages from different facilities will be handled differently. Local7 maps to Facility level 23, which is local so the WLC will add this information to syslog messages when sending to the syslog server. 

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