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2016 Jun 646-985 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. What advantage does Cisco Catalyst 6500 Virtual Switching System (VSS) capability offer? Select the best response.

A. A Catalyst 6500 Series Switch can be deployed as either a top-of-rack or end-of-row device.

B. A Catalyst 6500 Series Switch can operate at both the aggregation and core layers.

C. A pair of Catalyst 6500 Series Switches can operate as a single logical switch.

D. A pair of Catalyst 6500 Series Switches can combine resources to provide twice as much bandwidth.

Answer: C

Q12. You are the senior desktop administrator for Company.com. You are meeting a potential customer who are insisting that he would prefer to work with a specialist supplier. Which of following statements would be the best response to change this customer's attitude?

A. Cisco will obtain specialist suppliers after their products are well-rounded, so you'd better to work with Cisco early.

B. Well, you know, Cisco data center sales professionals are specialists in a comprehensive range of data center technologies that are tested, integrated, and supported by a single supplier: Cisco.

C. In fact, most specialist suppliers are those who quited from Cisco to try and make some hot money.

D. Yes, specialist suppliers may have better technical capabilities in their own niche area, but Cisco is promoting quickly.

Answer: B

Q13. A client mentions that role-assigned tasks need to be managed by a number of internal departments. Which hardware would you suggest to provide this capability? Select the best response.

A. Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE)

B. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Firewall Services Module (FWSM)

C. Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series top-of-rack switch

D. a pair of Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches at the core layer

Answer: A

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Rebirth 646-985 vce:

Q14. Which two technology areas cover all aspects of data center operations? (Choose two.)

A. security

B. management

C. applications

D. virtualization

Answer: AB

Q15. A customer with a Cisco MDS switch is considering deploying the Cisco Data Migration Manager in the Cisco Storage Services Module. Which statement would be a financial justification? Select the best response.

A. The Data Migration Manager facility means that backup software and licenses are not required anymore, creating ongoing capital and operational savings.

B. The Data Migration Manager migrates data to a virtual disk that does not consume physical disk capacity, thus creating a cost-free duplicate of the main production data.

C. The Data Migration Manager will migrate applications from one server to another without interrupting the application's service delivery, maintaining service delivery to the user and minimizing the impact of revenue generation.

D. Software development teams can gain access to current production data, for software change testing, without impacting the front-line business of the company, while maintaining the company's revenue stream.

Answer: D

Q16. You work as the network administrator at Company.com. You plan to appply Cisco WAAS solution to accelerate remote office operations. but the CFO of the company hesitates because of the financial benefits too hard to quantify. Then which statement will be the best response to the CFO of the economic benefits?

A. Explain that the company will have to continue to pay more and more for expensive bandwidth as interactions with remote offices increase in frequency and richness of content. A Cisco WAAS solution purchase can defer this expenditure as well as improve remote office productivity.

B. make the CFO believe that the Cisco WAAS solution is the lowes cost than any competitive offering.

C. Tell him that the extended payment scheme for the Cisco WAAS solution is tied to predefined productivity gains at the remote office being achieved within a 12-month period.

D. Ensure the CFO that the Cisco WAAS solution is software that is implemented on servers at both ends of the remote link, and therefore, the only ongoing cost for expansion is additional licenses.

Answer: A


Refined cisco 646-985 exam:

Q17. Which two of the following are benefits of engaging Cisco field resources? (Choose two.)

A. Maximize the number and value of customer sales engagements

B. Access free implementation and support services

C. Eliminate sales and marketing expense

D. Increase revenue and improve margin

E. Access free hardware and software for resale

Answer: AD

Q18. Which feature is a feature of Cisco WAAS? Select the best response.

A. firewall security

B. TCP optimization

C. Ethernet optimization

D. server load balancing

Answer: B

Q19. What are blade switches? Select the best response.

A. end-of-row switches

B. top-of-rack switches

C. modules that fit into MDS switches

D. modules that fit into blade server chassis

Answer: D

Q20. Which Cisco program expands on the normal product testing done by Cisco product development?

A. Cisco SOA

B. Cisco SONA

C. Cisco VFrame

D. Cisco Safe Harbor

E. Cisco Beyond

Answer: D

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