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Exam Code: 200-530 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Zend PHP 5.3 Certification
Certification Provider: Zend Technologies
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2016 Jun 200-530 Study Guide Questions:

Q71. After running this sort, what will be the value of $b? 

$a = array('_!', 'def', 0); 

$b = sort($a); 

A. array(0, 'def', '_!') 

B. array('_!', 0, 'def') 

C. array('def', 0, '_!) 

D. None of the above 

Answer: D

Q72. What function can be used to retrieve an array of current options for a stream context? 

A. stream_context_get_params 

B. stream_context_get_default 

C. stream_context_get_options 

D. The 'options' element of the stream_get_rneta_data return value 

Answer: C

Q73. What XML component does the following XPath query try to match? 


A. bar element with an id attribute whose value is equal to 5 

B. foo element containing a child node bar tag 

C. id attribute whose value is equal to 5 

D. foo element with a child note bar whose id attribute is equal to 5 

E. all of the foo elements that have a child node bar, whose id attribute is equal to 5 

Answer: E

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Q74. Which of the following filtering techniques prevents cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities? 

A. Strip all occurrences of the string script. 

B. Strip all occurrences of the string javascript. 

C. Enable magic_quotes_gpc. 

D. None of the above. 

Answer: D

Q75. Which of the following statements is NOT correct? 

A. Only methods can have type hints 

B. Typehints can be optional 

C. Typehints can be references 

Answer: A

Q76. Which of the following superglobals does not contain data from the client? 

A. $_POST 


C. $_GET 


Answer: B

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Q77. PHP’s array functions such as array_values() can be used on an object is the oject…. 

A. implement Traversable 

B. is an instance of ArrayObject 

C. implements ArrayAccess 

D. None of the above 

Answer: C

Q78. What is the output of the following code? 

A. A syntax error in the function declaration line 

B. An error, because null is not an instance of 'a' 

C. Nothing, because a null value is being passed to renderVal() 


Answer: B

Q79. You'd like to use the class MyDBConnection that's defined in the MyGreatFrarnework\\GreafDatabaseAbstractionLayer namespace, but you want to minimize *as much as possible* the length of the class name you have to type. What would you do? 

A. Import the MyGreatFramework namespace 

B. Import the MyGreatFrarnework\\GreafDatabaseAbstractionLayer namespace 

C. Alias MyGreatFrarnework\\GreafDatabaseAbstractionLayer\\MyDBConnection to a shorter name 

D. Alias MyGreatFrarnework\\GreafDatabaseAbstractionLayer to a shorter name 

Answer: B

Q80. Which elements can be encapsulated by namespaces? 

A. Only classes 

B. Classes, functions and constants 

C. Classes, functions, constants and variables 

Answer: B

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