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Exam Code: 6102 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000 Implementation Exam
Certification Provider: Avaya
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2016 Jun 6102 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. The Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 has several management Tools available that can be used for installation and configuration. 

Which three Tools are web-based applications that can be used for configuration? (Choose three.) 

A. Avaya Command Line Interface (ACLI) 

B. Unified communication Manages (UCM) 

C. Enterprise Device Manager (COM) 

D. Common Orchestration manager (COM) 

E. Java Device Manager (JDM) 

Answer: CD 

Q12. A technician has opened Enterprise Device Manager (EDM) and observed the status of the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 port 3/12. 

What does the color red indicate? 

A. The port is administratively disabled. 

B. The port has no link. 

C. The port is in standby mode. 

D. The port is not reachable by EDM. 

Answer: B 

Q13. How do the Switch Fabric (SF) modules provide bandwidth management across the I/O modules? 

A. The bandwidth management is handled by the CP modulo-. 

B. SF modules in slots SF1 and SF4 provide bandwidth management across the I/O modules. 

C. Bandwidth management is shared across all installed SF modules. 

D. The SF module in slot SF1 provides bandwidth management for the I/O modules in slots 1-5, while the SF module in slot SF4 provides bandwidth management for slots 6-10. 

E. The SF module in slot SF1 provides bandwidth management for even numbered slots (2, 4, 6, 8, 10), while the SF module in slot SF4 provides bandwidth management for odd numbered I/O slots (1, 3, 5, 7, 9). 

Answer: B 

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Q14. Policy based traffic policers and traffic shapers identify traffic using a policy (a contract). Traffic that confirms to this policy (a service contract) is guaranteed transmission, and nonconforming traffic is considered in violation. 

Which two statements about how Policy-based policers and shapers treat violations are true? (Choose two) 

A. Both traffic policers and traffic shapers support the marking and re-marking of DSCP and 802.1p using filter actions. 

B. Traffic shapers buffer and delay excess traffic, whereas traffic policers discard or re-mark excess traffic. 

C. Policing occur on ingress. 

D. Traffic shapers allows the traffic to exceed the line rate, whereas traffic policer prevent traffic from exceeding the line rate. 

E. Policy based-shaping drop packets exceeding the peak rate. 

Answer: BC 

Q15. In a fully populated Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 with 10 I/O modules, what is the required number of Switch Fabric (SF) modules to allow full throughput? 

A. OneSF module in slot 1 

B. OneSF module in slot 4 

C. TwoSF modules in slots 1 and 4 

D. FiveSF modules 

E. SixSF modules 

Answer: D 

Q16. A customer has a stack of Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 5698TFD switches, the uplinks to the network core are via two Gigabit uplink ports from the first ERS 5698TFD in the stack to a single virtual services platform (VSP) 9000. The links are not part of a Multi-Link Trunk (MLT) and spanning tree is running. 

This results in one of the links always being blocked and recovery time unacceptably long when the active uplink fails. They need to have both links active to increase the bandwidth to the core, and at the same time provide better redundancy. 

What is the preferred Avaya solution for the customer? 

A. Move only of the uplink to another ERS 5698TFD in the stack and disable spanning-tree on both uplinks. 

B. Move one of the uplinks to another ERS 5698TFD in the stack and enable Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) on the uplinks. 

C. Move one of the uplinks to another ERS 5698TFD in the stack, configure MLT, and group the two uplinks in a distributed Multi-Link Trunk (DMLT) 

D. Move one of the uplinks to another ERS 5698TFD in the stack, and ensure that the uplinks terminate on different modules in the VSP 9000. 

Answer: C 


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Q17. A switch cluster core composed of two Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 switches has been properly configured to support a new edge switch stack. 802.1Q was not correctly configured on the edge switch stack. 

What will the switch core do with packets arriving from this edge stack? 

A. It will forward the packets to the switch CPU. 

B. It will place the packets in the data VLAN. 

C. Itwill discard the packet 

D. It will place the packets in the default VI AN (VLAN 1). 

Answer: D 

Q18. A port on the virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 id down because of a link_flap condition as shown in the following output: 

VSP-9012#show interface gigabitEthernet state 10/8 


Port State 



10/8 up down LINK-FLAP 10/28/10 00:22:50 

What is the most likely cause? 

A. The spanning tree protocol has detected a loop and placed the port in a blocked state 

B. There is a physical problem, such as a cable problem. 

C. One side of the connection is configured for auto-negotiation and the other side is a fixed speed. 

D. The port is receiving a large number of destination unknown broadcast packets. 

Answer: B 

Q19. The Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 supports several types of I/O modules. Which ports does the 9048GT contain? 

A. 48 port 1000Base-X SFP 

B. 48-port 10GBase-X SFP+ 

C. 48-port 10/100/1000 Base-T 

D. 44-port 10/100/1000 Base-T plus 4 SFP GBICs 

Answer: C 

Q20. Which ACLI command is used to allow the non-secure (HTTP) web interface? 

A. web enable 

B. web secure disable 

C. no web secure 

D. config web secure enable 

Answer: C 

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