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2016 Jun 1Z0-548 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. How do you enroll an employee into an Accrual Plan? 

A. Employee is enrolled to an accrual plan based on the accrual formula attached to the employee. 

B. Accrual plan is associated with the organization in the additional organizational information window. All employees who are attached to this organization are enrolled to the accrual plan. 

C. Employees are enrolled by manager nomination through Manager self service. 

D. Employees are automatically enrolled based on the eligibility formula associated with the accrual plan. 

E. An employee is enrolled in an accrual plan by assigning the accrual plan element to the employee. 

Answer: E

When attaching the Accrual Plan Element(s) to the employee, this enrolls the Employee into the 

Accrual Plan owning the Accrual Plan Element 


Enroll individual participants in an accrual plan by entering for them the element generated to represent the plan. 

To enroll participants in a PTO accrual plan: 

Do one of the following: 

* For enrollment of an individual employee, perhaps as a part of the hiring process, enter the element representing the plan for him or her using the Element Entries window. 

* For enrollment of a batch of employees in a plan, perhaps a newly-developed plan, use the MIX batch entry facility. 

Reference: Oracle Human Resource Management Systems, Enrolling Employees in PTO Accrual Plans 

Q32. How can the Assignment button be removed from the Enter and Maintain form? 

A. The assignment functions need to be removed from the applicable user menu. 

B. Navigate to the task flow form. Query for the applicable task flow and navigate to the applicable node name for the assignment form in the node block. Remove this node and save the changes. 

C. In the Special Information Types (SIT) form, deselect the Enabled check box for Others. 

D. In the Human Resource Responsibility, navigate to Security > CustomForm and create a new form with the specific restrictions. 

E. Set the global security profile to use Assignment Based Hierarchy and set Maximum Hierarchy Levels to 0. 

Answer: B

Task flows are used to configure the navigation path between different windows in Oracle HRMS. 

1. Every Form ii defined as a Taskflow Node (e.g. Person Screen, Assignment Screen, Contacts Screen, Phones Screen) (Navigation : Security > Task Flow Node). 

2. Then you define the Task Flow definition, in which you mention to which all forms can be navigated from a form (e.g. To which all forms (contracts, phones, assignment) you can navigate from the Person screen). Since each screen is defined as task flow node, the task flow definition will have the source form as one task flow node and each form to which it can navigate as destination node (Navigation : Security > Task flow Definition). You can mark few forms as buttons so that they appear as buttons in the form and other comes in Others list. 

3. This taskflow Definition is passed as a parameter to the Form Function (here the Form function defined for Combined Person and Assignment Form). 

So in this scenario the following applies: 

1. Need not define the Task flow nodes as they are predefined. 

2. Need to define new task flow definition removing the unrequired forms from navigation path. 

3. Pass the new Task flow definition to your form function. 

Q33. To define a checklist for a new hire, identify the Table Name that needs to be Included in the live event reason associated with the checklist. 






Answer: C

The PER_PERSON_TYPE_USAGES_F Table should be used, which keeps track on an employee’s person type, associated to the latter at creation of employee record 

Note: There are two tables (per_all_people_f,per_person_type_usages_f) where you can find the person_types for an employee. Developers usually gets misguided to which person_type_id we need to consider.The answer is we should always need to use the table per_person_type_usages_f to retrieve the correct person_id. Though the person_type_id in the two tables appear to be same but they are different and that can perty much mislead us..

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Q34. What will cause Costing entries to be posted to the Suspense Account after the Costing process has been run? 

A. All the Costing entries are posted to the Suspense Account if the Costing process is completed with the status "Error." 

B. Costing entries for a specific assignment will be posted to the Suspense Account if the Costing process is skipped for the assignment. 

C. Costing entries are posted to the Suspense Account for all the element entries that are generated by the RetroPay By Element process. 

D. Costing entries would be posted to the Suspense Account if Costing codes are missing across the costing hierarchy. 

E. Costing entries are posted to Suspense Account for all the element entries that are generated by the RetroCosting Process. 

Answer: D

Postings can be posted to the suspense account if costing codes are wrong or, for example, values missing for distributed costing. Such costings still have a status of Complete. For costing processes to be given a status of Error there must be a serious breakdown at system or process level. 

Reference: Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Payroll Processing Management Guide, Viewing Payroll Process Results 

Q35. Identify the screen that is NOT date-tracked in Oracle HRMS. 

A. Contact 

B. Contract 

C. Extra Person Information 

D. Position Definition 

E. User Defined Table Structure Values 

Answer: C

Q36. If acp_service_start_date is 15-Aug-2005 and calculation_date is l-Aug-2010, what will effective_start_date set to at the end of the snippet below? 

A. 15-Aug-2010 

B. 01-Aug-2010 

C. 15-Aug-2005 

D. 15-Aug-2009 

Answer: D


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Q37. You have a requirement to cost all the employee's earning elements to the employee's cost center except for the corporate bonus. Identify the two ways through which you can cost the corporate bonus to a separate cost center. 

A. Change the employee's organization cost center to the corporate cost center (Navigation: Work Structures > Organization > Description ). 

B. Allocate 100% to the corporate cost center under Assignment costing (Navigation: People > Enter and Maintain > Assignment > Others > Costing). 

C. Allocate 50% to the corporate cost center under Assignment costing (Navigation: People > Enter and Maintain > Assignment > Others > Costing). 

D. Set the element link to Fixed Costed. Specify the entire costing code combination at the element link level, (Navigation: Total Compensation > Basic > Link). 

E. Override the cost center of the employee at the element entry level. 

Answer: DE

Costing needs to be done for an individual element entry and can therefore be done at the Element Entry Level (E). Alternative, the fixed costed method can be used in the element link whereby which costing information will not be determined from Assignment and Organization Levels (D). 

Q38. Payroll has completed, but the payroll process is in incomplete status. The pre-payment process is run. ? 

A. The pre-payment process will not process any employee. 

B. Prepayments are processed only for those employees whose payroll process status Is Incomplete. 

C. Pre-payments are processed only for those employees whose payroll process status Is Complete. 

D. Prepayments are processed for all the employees for whom payroll was run. 

E. Pre-payments will be processed for all the employees with default payment method. 

Answer: C 

Reference: Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Payroll Processing Management Guide, Payroll Processing and Analysis 

Q39. While defining the Accrual Plan the user is adding the Net Calculation Rules. Assume applicable Input value of each of the elements in the options below is added to the Net Calculation Rule (Navigation: Total Compensation > Basic > Accrual Plan). Identify three actions that will impact the Accrual of an employee. 

A. An element entry is made for a primary assignment of an employee. The element is a non-recurring element. 

B. An element entry is made for a primary assignment of an employee. The element is a recurring element. 

C. Payroll is run for an employee and an indirect run results is generated for a non-recurring element 

D. Absence is applied through the Absence Management function in Employee Self Service but is not in approved status. 

E. Batch element entry using the carried over element of the accrual plan is processed and is in transferred status. 

Answer: ABE 

Reference: Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Compensation and Benefits Management Guide, Leave and Absence Management 

Q40. You are creating a new non-recurring element. Assume proration is available in the legislation where the element has been created. Identify the two ways in which proration of an element can be achieved. 

A. Write a separate proration formula and attach the proration formula to the element definition. 

B. Embed the proration calculation within the payroll formula and attach the proration group to the element definition. 

C. Attach retro event group to the element definition. 

D. Only recurring elements can be prorated, hence create recurring element for proration. 

E. Create input values as effective start date and effective end date to enable proration for that element. 

Answer: BE

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