Jun 2016 updated: Pass4sure PMI PMI-002 exam question 11-20

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2016 Jun PMI-002 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. A cost-plus-percentage-cost (CPPC) contract has an estimated cost of $120,000 with an agreed profit of 10% of the costs. The actual cost of the project is $130,000. What is the total reimbursement to the seller?

A. $143,000

B. $142,000

C. $140,000

D. $132,000

Answer: A

Q12. The party that needs the change resulting from the project, and who will be its custodian on completion is the ___________.

A. Owner

B. Sponsor

C. Customer

D. client

Answer: B

Q13. Which of the following best describes the risks that still remain after avoidance, transfer, or mitigation responses have been implemented?

A. Contingency risks

B. Tertiary risks

C. Residual risks

D. Secondary risks

Answer: C

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Q14. A schedule activity may start 5 days before the predecessor activity finishes. This is an example of ______________.

A. Finish-to-Start

B. Finish-to-Finish

C. Start-to-Start

D. Start-to-Finish

Answer: D

Q15. Constraints do not include:

A. Impacts of weather

B. Organizational structure of the performing organization

C. Collective bargaining

D. Expected staff assignments

Answer: A

Q16. A histogram ordered by frequency of occurrence that shows how many results were generated by each identified cause is called ______________.

A. Statistical Histogram

B. Juran Histogram

C. Fishbone Diagram

D. Pareto Diagram

Answer: D


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Q17. An activity that consumes no time or resource and shows only that a dependency exists between two activities is called:

A. A milestone

B. A hammock

C. A dummy activity

D. a and c

Answer: C

Q18. Which of the following is true about pure risk?

A. The risk can be deflected or transferred to another party through a contract or insurance policy.

B. Pure risks involve the chance of both a profit and a loss.

C. No opportunities are associated with pure risk, only losses.

D. Botn A and c are correct.

Answer: D

Q19. Tools and techniques used during the Plan Quality process include which of the following:

A. Benefit/cost analysis

B. Control charts

C. Cost of Quality

D. All of the above

Answer: D

Q20. Completion of the _____________ scope is measured against the project management plan.

A. Project

B. Technical

C. Product

D. Baseline

Answer: A

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