Jun 2017 updated: Examcollection Cisco 300-207 test 81-90

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Q81. The Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) is a content-routing protocol that can facilitate the redirection of traffic flows in real time. Your organization has deployed WCCP to redirect web traffic that traverses their Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASAs) to their Cisco Web Security Appliances (WSAs). 

The simulator will provide access to the graphical user interfaces of one Cisco ASA and one Cisco WSA that are participating in a WCCP service. Not all aspects of the GUIs are implemented in the simulator. The options that have been implemented are sufficient to determine the best answer to each of the questions that are presented. 

Your task is to examine the details available in the simulated graphical user interfaces and select the best answer. 

What traffic is not redirected by WCCP? 

A. Traffic destined to public address space 

B. Traffic sent from public address space 

C. Traffic destined to private address space 

D. Traffic sent from private address space 


Explanation: From the screen shot below we see the WCCP-Redirection ACL is applied, so all traffic from the Private IP space to any destination will be redirected. 

\\\\psf\\Home\\Desktop\\Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.38.36 AM.png 

Q82. Which two GUI options display users' activity in Cisco Web Security Appliance?.(Choose two.) 

A. Web Security Manager Identity Identity Name 

B. Security Services Reporting 

C. Reporting Users 

D. Reporting Reports by User Location 

Answer: C,D 

Q83. Which Cisco ESA command is used to edit the ciphers that are used for GUI access? 

A. interfaceconfig 

B. etherconfig 

C. certconfig 

D. sslconfig 


Q84. In which way are packets handled when the IPS internal zone is set to "disabled"? 

A. All packets are dropped to the external zone. 

B. All packets are dropped to the internal zone. 

C. All packets are ignored in the internal zone. 

D. All packets are sent to the default external zone. 


Q85. Who or what calculates the signature fidelity rating? 

A. the signature author 

B. Cisco Professional Services 

C. the administrator 

D. the security policy 


Q86. Which Cisco monitoring solution displays information and important statistics for the security devices in a network? 

A. Cisco Prime LAN Management 

B. Cisco ASDM Version 5.2 

C. Cisco Threat Defense Solution 

D. Syslog Server 



Q87. Which three functions can Cisco Application Visibility and Control perform within Cisco Cloud Web Security? (Choose three.) 

A. validation of malicious traffic 

B. traffic control 

C. extending Web Security to all computing devices 

D. application-level classification 

E. monitoring 

F. signature tuning 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q88. A Cisco Email Security Appliance uses which message filter to drop all executable attachments entering and leaving the Cisco Email Security Appliance? 

A. drop-exE. if (attachment-filename == "\\\\.exe$") OR (attachment-filetype == "exe") { drop(); } 

B. drop-exE. if (recv-listener == "InboundMail" ) AND ( (attachment-filename == "\\\\.exe$") OR (attachment-filetype == "exe")) { drop(); } 

C. drop-exe! if (attachment-filename == "\\\\.exe$") OR (attachment-filetype == "exe") { drop(); } 

D. drop-exe! if (recv-listener == "InboundMail" ) AND ( (attachment-filename == "\\\\.exe$") OR (attachment-filetype == "exe")) { drop(); } 


Q89. Which command can change the HTTPS SSL method on the Cisco ESA? 

A. sslconfig 

B. strictssl 

C. sshconfig 

D. adminaccessconfig 


Q90. Cisco AVC allows control of which three of the following? (Choose three.) 

A. Facebook 


C. IPv6 

D. MySpace 

E. Twitter 


Answer: A,D,E