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Q11. How are managed services from the IBM Bluemix PaaS catalog used in an application? 

A. Services can only be used by anIBM Bluemix PaaS application with a signed one year agreement. 

B. Services can be found through the IBM Cloud Marketplace and must be purchased before using them. 

C. Services are ready for immediate use and can be used by any IBM Bluemix PaaS application after binding. 

D. Services must be downloaded from IBM, third-party, or community locations and installed on a virtual machine before using them. 


Q12. Applications A and B are configured to use IBM MQ Light for Bluemix messaging capabilities. Application A publishes messages to a topic. Application B subscribes to the same topic in order to receive the messages published by Application A. What occurs when Application A publishes the message after Application B goes down? 

A. Destination stores the message and it will be received if Application B comes back up before the destination time-to-live expires. 

B. Application A receives a notification from the destination that Application B is down. 

C. Topic stores the message forever, and the message will be received by Application B after it comes back up. 

D. Destination stores the copy of the message for one hour. If Application B does not come back up within one hour the message will be lost. 



MQ Light messaging provides two models for delivery assurance, at most once, and at least once. The first is appropriate when occasional loss of data caused by a communication disruption is acceptable, and the second is required when there can be no loss of data. When using at least once, duplicate messages may appear around communication disruptions and they should to be programmatically discarded. MQ Light buffers messages based upon message and destination time-to-live. When an application subscribes to a topic it may specify a destination time-to-live, which will cause MQ Light to store messages at the destination in the event of a receiving application crash. After the destination time-to-live exipres, MQ Light will discard all held messages and stops storing new messages. 

Q13. Which statement characterizes the dashDB service? 

A. It is optimized for time series data. 

B. It is designed for analytic queries. 

C. It is optimized for normalized data. 

D. It is based upon the MySQL engine. 



The dashDB service in IBM Bluemix is an example of an in memory, columnar databases service. dashDB is based on DB2 BLU and its columnar organizations favors analytic queries that access a large number of values from a subset of the columns and make heavy use of aggregations and joins. dashDB also leverages compression to allow larger amounts of data to reside in memory. 

Q14. A developer wants to deploy and start a large application to IBM Bluemix PaaS. When they enter the commandcf push appname, the following error is shown: 

0 of 1 instances running, 1 starting 0 of 1 instances running, 1 down FAILED Start app timeout 

What option is available for the developer to resolve the issue? 

A. Increase the start timeout in manifest.yml of the application. 

B. Increase the deploy timeout in manifest.yml of the application. 

C. Increase the upload timeout in manifest.yml of the application. 

D. Increase the staging timeout in manifest.yml of the application. 



Q15. A developer is creating an application to search social media for pictures with specific content, What IBM Bluemix PaaS service should they use? 

A. DreamFace 

B. AlchemyAPI 

C. Personality Insights 

D. Monitoring and Analytics 



Q16. What is a Stage Trigger in Delivery Pipeline? 

A. an action that adds a new stage 

B. an action that tells a job when to execute 

C. an action that pushes code changes to git 

D. an action that updates a work item in Track & Plan 


Q17. When creating a new project in IBM Bluemix DevOps Services, which action is performed when Link to an existing repository is selected? 

A. An existing GitHub repository is linkedto the project by giving IBM DevOps Services access to a specified GitHub account. 

B. An existing Git project on the developer’s local machine is linked to the project. 

C. An existing GitHub repository is linked to the project using anonymous access. 

D. An existing user’s project in IBM DevOps Services is linked to the project. 


Q18. How are viewscreated in Cloudant? 

A. by creating a PrimaryIndex withdoc id’s 

B. by creating a Secondary Index with doc id’s 

C. by creating a Primary Index using the Map function 

D. by creating a Secondary Index using the Map function 


Q19. Why would the Load Impact service in IBM Bluemix PaaS be used? 

A. For its ability to manage a sudden load increase in an application. 

B. For its ability to replicate instances across IBM Bluemix PaaS regions. 

C. For its ability to simulate user loads on IBM Bluemix PaaS applications. 

D. For its ability to increase application availability by increasing application instances. 


Q20. What is an example of an Auto-Scaling ServicePolicyRule in IBM Bluemix PaaS? 

A. If the application is not accessed for 600 seconds, remove one instance. 

B. If the average disk space utilization exceeds 99%, add dynamic disk storage. 

C. If the average memory utilization exceeds 80% for 600 seconds, add one instance. 

D. If the average memory usage exceeds 80% for 300 seconds, add 64 MB of memory.