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Q201. A security professional has just completed their organization's Business Impact Analysis (BIA). Following Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery Plan (BCP/DRP) best practices, what would be the professional's NEXT step? 

A. Identify and select recovery strategies. 

B. Present the findings to management for funding. 

C. Select members for the organization's recovery teams. 

D. Prepare a plan to test the organization's ability to recover its operations. 


Q202. What maintenance activity is responsible for defining, implementing, and testing updates to application systems? 

A. Program change control 

B. Regression testing 

C. Export exception control 

D. User acceptance testing 


Q203. In a basic SYN flood attack, what is the attacker attempting to achieve? 

A. Exceed the threshold limit of the connection queue for a given service 

B. Set the threshold to zero for a given service 

C. Cause the buffer to overflow, allowing root access 

D. Flush the register stack, allowing hijacking of the root account 


Q204. The FIRST step in building a firewall is to 

A. assign the roles and responsibilities of the firewall administrators. 

B. define the intended audience who will read the firewall policy. 

C. identify mechanisms to encourage compliance with the policy. 

D. perform a risk analysis to identify issues to be addressed. 


Q205. the information below to answer the question. 

An organization experiencing a negative financial impact is forced to reduce budgets and the number of Information Technology (IT) operations staff performing basic logical access security administration functions. Security processes have been tightly integrated into normal IT operations and are not separate and distinct roles. 

When determining appropriate resource allocation, which of the following is MOST important to monitor? 

A. Number of system compromises 

B. Number of audit findings 

C. Number of staff reductions 

D. Number of additional assets 


Q206. the information below to answer the question. 

In a Multilevel Security (MLS) system, the following sensitivity labels are used in increasing levels of sensitivity: restricted, confidential, secret, top secret. Table A lists the clearance levels for four users, while Table B lists the security classes of four different files. 

In a Bell-LaPadula system, which user cannot write to File 3? 

A. User A 

B. User B 

C. User C 

D. User D 


Q207. Are companies legally required to report all data breaches? 

A. No, different jurisdictions have different rules. 

B. No, not if the data is encrypted. 

C. No, companies' codes of ethics don't require it. 

D. No, only if the breach had a material impact. 


Q208. The BEST method to mitigate the risk of a dictionary attack on a system is to 

A. use a hardware token. 

B. use complex passphrases. 

C. implement password history. 

D. encrypt the access control list (ACL). 


Q209. the information below to answer the question. 

A large organization uses unique identifiers and requires them at the start of every system session. Application access is based on job classification. The organization is subject to periodic independent reviews of access controls and violations. The organization uses wired and wireless networks and remote access. The organization also uses secure connections to branch offices and secure backup and recovery strategies for selected information and processes. 

In addition to authentication at the start of the user session, best practice would require re-authentication 

A. periodically during a session. 

B. for each business process. 

C. at system sign-off. 

D. after a period of inactivity. 



A software security engineer is developing a black box-based test plan that will measure the system's reaction to incorrect or illegal inputs or unexpected operational errors and situations. Match the functional testing techniques on the left with the correct input parameters on.the right.