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2017 Mar 300-320 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Which two VPN solutions extend the routing capabilities of basic IPsec VPNs? (Choose two.) 






Answer: A,D 

Q12. What are two of Cisco's best practices at the access layer to ensure rapid link transitions and VLAN consistency? (Choose two.) 

A. Deploy RPVST 

B. Deploy MSTP 

C. Utilize VTP in server/client mode 

D. Utilize VTP in transparent mode 

E. VLANs span entire network 

F. Portfast applied on distribution uplinks 

Answer: A,D 

Q13. To which network layer should Cisco Express Forwarding be tuned to support load balancing and to make more informed forwarding decisions? 

A. Layer 1 

B. Layer 2 

C. Layer 3 

D. Layer 4 

E. Layer 5 

F. Layer 6 

G. Layer 7 

Answer: D 

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Q14. NBAR is deployed on the network as part of network optimization. Which technology is critical to recognize new applications on the network? 


B. ACLs 

C. code upgrade 

D. additional licenses 

Answer: A 

Q15. What is one reason to implement Control Plane Policing? 

A. allow OSPF routing protocol to advertise routes 

B. protect the network device route processor from getting overloaded by rate limiting the incoming control plane packets 

C. allow network devices to generate and receive packets 

D. protect the data plane packets 

Answer: B 

Q16. What network storage protocol uses a connection standard incompatible with shared 10Gb Ethernet physical connection? 



C. FC 



Answer: C 


Refined 300-320 bundle:

Q17. Which option is the Cisco recommendation for data oversubscription for access ports on the access-to-distribution uplink? 

A. 4 to 1 

B. 20 to 1 

C. 16 to 1 

D. 10 to 1 

Answer: B 

Q18. When considering the design of the E-Commerce topology which of the following are true? 

A. One-armed SLB design with multiple security contexts removes the need for a separate firewall in the core layer 

B. Two-firewall-layer SLB design considers the aggregation and access layers to be trusted zones, requiring no security between the web, application, and database zones 

C. One-armed SLB design with two firewall layers ensures that non load-balanced traffic still traverses the ACE so that the health and performance of the servers is still being monitored 

D. In all cases there will be configuration requirements for direct access to any servers or for nonload-balanced sessions initiated by the servers 

Answer: A 

Q19. What feature is a benefit of using Cisco UCS blade servers for data center virtualization? 

A. guest VM high availability 

B. converged LAN and SAN infrastructure 

C. host based etherchannel 

D. built-in hypervisor 

Answer: B 

Q20. The direction of the flow of multicast traffic is based on which protocol? 



C. underlying IGP 


Answer: C 

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