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Exam Code: 1Z0-515 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Data Warehousing 11g Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2016 Jun 1Z0-515 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. Identify the type of refresh that is NOT supported by materialized views.

A. Deferred

B. Incremental

C. Full

D. Heuristic

Answer: D

Q2. Which statement is true for you to get the benefits of partition-wise joins?

A. The parent table must be partitioned on the join Key and the child table must be partitioned on the join key.

B. The parent table must be partitioned on the primary key and the child table must be partition the join key.

C. The child table must use a reference partition.

D. The parent table must be partitioned on the primary key and the child table must use a ref partition.

Answer: A

Q3. You want partitions to be automatically created when data that does not fit into current date range loaded. Which type of partitioning would you implement?

A. Hash

B. List

C. Invisible

D. Interval

Answer: D

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Up to date qa 70-412:

Q4. HI want to enable result set caching to quickly see if this feature will help the performance of your application. Which is the quickest way to make this determination?

A. Set RESULT_CACHE_MODE = FORCE in the initialization file.

B. Set RESULT_CACHE = ENABLED in the initialization file.


D. Set RESULT_CACHE = ENABLED in the initialization file and use a RESULT_CACHE hint in queries.

Answer: A

Q5. Identify the statement about Oracle OLAP that is NOT true.

A. Oracle OLAP cubes are stored in the Oracle relational database

B. Oracle OLAP uses standard Oracle database security.

C. Meta data for Oracle OLAP is accessible in an external data dictionary

D. Oracle OU\\P can be deployed using RAC.

Answer: C

Q6. What areas can SQL Access Advisor give advice on?

A. Partitioning advice, index advice, and materialized views advice

B. Index advice and compression advice

C. Index advice and data masking advice

D. Partitioning advice and compression advice

Answer: A

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Q7. Which unique method of improving performance is NOT used by the Oracle Exadata Database Machine?

A. Flash to improve query performance

B. Reduces the amount of data required to flow through I/O

C. Increases the I/O using InfiniBand

D. Performs analysis in a special in-memory database

Answer: D

Q8. You want to create an optimally performing data warehouse hardware configuration for your customer. Which way of creating a hardware configuration will reduce the implementation time the most?

A. Use reference configurations or an appliance-like configuration.

B. Use the existing system and add on relevant components.

C. Customize a configuration from a vendor.

D. Build the system from scratch.

Answer: A

Q9. Which two statements are true about the advantages of using a data warehouse?

A. A data warehouse uses fewer database structures, so access to answers is faster and easier

B. A data warehouse is typically implemented with a different design, making access faster.

C. A data warehouse is optimized for ongoing write activity, making response faster.

D. A data warehouse uses specialized features of the Oracle database, like materialized views and star transformations, making response faster.

Answer: BD

Q10. One goal of your Information Lifecycle Management strategy using Oracle's ILM capabilities is to reduce e cost or online storage. Identify two database options that would help in enabling such a strategy.

A. RAC and Advanced Compression

B. RAC and Partitioning

C. Partitioning and Advanced Compression

D. RAC One and Advanced Compression

Answer: B

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