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Exam Name: lp1 level 1 exam 102
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2016 Jun 117-102 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. When you use DNS to find a hostname using a particular IP address, which kind of DNS entry is involved?

A. Reverse DNS entroes

B. IP DNS entries

C. Address DNS entries

D. Network DNS entries

Answer: A

Q32. You decide to use xinetd instead of inetd.

What must be done in order to properly configure xinetd?

A. You must create a new configuration file for xinetd.

B. You must add xinetd to /etc/services.

C. You must add xinetd support to your tcpwrappers configuration files.

D. Nothing, xinetd uses the same configuration files as inetd.

Answer: C

Q33. After configuring printing on a Linux server, the administrator sends a test file to one of the printers and it fails to print. 

What command can be used to print the status of the printer's queue? (Provide only the command, without any options or parameters)

A. lpq

Answer: A

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Q34. You want to make the directory /home/Jack available via NFS. 

Which option do you have to use to grant read permission for the root user on the NFS mounted file system?

A. no_root_squash

B. root_squash

C. root(rw)

D. For safety, the NFS protocol does not allow this?

Answer: A

Q35. You have a file /etc/resolv.conf, but the computer does not use the configured DNS servers to look up host names. 

What is most likely the problem?

A. The hosts entry in your /etc/nsswitch.conf does not list dns.

B. You do not have a /etc/named.conf file.

C. The localhost hostname is not properly configured in /etc/hosts.

D. The named daemon is not running on your computer.

Answer: A

Q36. What command can be used to generate log entries of any facility and priority? (supply just the command name without a path)

A. logger

Answer: A

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Q37. We have bash script ~/myscript shown below: 

shift echo $2

We call this script: 

~/myscript alpha beta gamma delta. 

What will we see?

A. alpha

B. beta

C. gamma

D. delta

Answer: C

Q38. The ________ command is used to modify or set the password expiration for a user.

A. chage

Answer: A

Q39. Which of the following lines from /etc/X11/XF86Config indicates what fonts can be found on a font server?

A. FontPath= server

B. Fonts "unix/:7100"

C. FontPath "unix/:7100"

D. Fonts= server

E. Fontserver = "servername"

Answer: C

Q40. You want a secure and fast DNS server that must also be quickly accessible remotely.

You should:

A. Reject all udp packets.

B. Reject all icmp packets.

C. Reject all icmp untrusted-host packets.

D. Disable inetd, run ssh and named as standalone daemons.

E. Use tcpwrappers to only allow connections to ports 22 and 53.

Answer: DE

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