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Q11. You are developing an ASP.NET application using C#. On your Web page, you want to display the results returned by a C# method named GetShipmentStatus when the page is rendered to the client. Which of the following code segments should you use to call the GetShipmentStatus method? 

A. <script language="c#" runat="server"> 



B. <script language="c#" runat="client"> 



C. <script language="c#"> 



D. <%= GetShipmentStatus() %> 


Q12. You are C# developer who is developing a Windows application. You write the following code: 

Object o; 

Later in the code, you need to assign the value in the variable o to an object of Rectangle type. You expect that at runtime the value in the variable o is compatible with the Rectangle class. However, you need to make sure that no exceptions are raised when the value is assigned. Which of the following code should you use? 

A. Rectangle r = (Rectangle) o; 

B. Rectangle r = o; 

C. Rectangle r = o as Rectangle; 

D. Rectangle r = o is Rectangle; 


Q13. You created a class named GeoShape. You defined a method called Area in the GeoShape class. This method calculates the area of a geometric shape. You want the derived classes of GeoShape to supersede this functionality to support the area calculation of additional geometric shapes. When the method Area is invoked on a GeoShape object, the area should be calculated based on the runtime type of the GeoShape object. Which keyword should you use with the definition of the Area method in the GeoShape class? 

A. abstract 

B. virtual 

C. new 

D. overrides 


Q14. You are invoking a Web service method that returns an ArrayList object. The client application is written is C#, whereas the Web service is written in Visual Basic. The Web service is outside your corporate firewall. You receive an "object not found" error when you call the method that returns the ArrayList object but can call other methods successfully from the same Web service. What could be the problem? 

A. The client and the Web service are not written in the same programming language. 

B. The firewall is blocking all SOAP calls. 

C. The client project does not contain a reference to the System.Collection namespace. 

D. The ArrayList class cannot be serialized. 


Q15. You are developing an application that uses a double dimensional array. You use the following code to declare the array: 

int[,] numbers = new int[,] 

{ 11, 7, 50, 45, 27 }, 

{ 18, 35, 47, 24, 12 }, 

{ 89, 67, 84, 34, 24 }, 

{ 67, 32, 79, 65, 10 } 


Next, you refer to an array element by using the expression numbers[2, 3]. What will be the return value of this expression? 

A. 47 

B. 84 

C. 24 

D. 34 


Q16. You are developing a data-entry application that receives user input in multiple data fields. The application allows users to enter the data either by using a keyboard or by using a bar-code scanner. When a code is entered, a picture of the product appears onscreen. The application also needs to log its operation to a console window. Occasionally, the operator will look at the console window to monitor communication with the scanner. 

What project should you choose to create such an application? 

A. a console application project 

B. a console application project with the Output type set to Windows Application 

C. a Windows Forms application project 

D. a Windows Forms application project with the Output type set to Console Application 


Q17. You are developing a C# program for a bike rental company. The data is stored in a SQL Server 2000 server named BikeServer in a database named BikeDB. You must use the Windows Integrated authentication to connect to the BikeDB database. Which of the following connection strings should you choose in your C# program for connecting to the BikeDB database? 

A. "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=BikeServer;InitialCatalog=BikeDB;Integrated Security=SSPI;" 

B. "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=BikeServer;InitialCatalog=BikeDB;User Id=sa; Password=gih6774y" 

C. "Data Source=BikeServer;InitialCatalog=BikeDB;Trusted_Connection=true;" 

D. "Data Source=BikeServer;InitialCatalog=BikeDB;User Id=sa;Password=gih6774y" 


Q18. You are writing a C# program. You write the following method: 

public static void TestSwitch(int op1, int op2, char opr) 

int result; 

switch (opr) 

case '+': 

result = op1 + op2; 

case '-': 

result = op1 – op2; 

case '*': 

result = op1 * op2; 

case '/': 

result = op1 / op2; 


Console.WriteLine("Unknown Operator"); 


Console.WriteLine("Result: {0}", result); 


However, when you compile this code, you get the following error message: 

Control cannot fall through from one case label to another 

How should you modify the code to make sure that it compiles successfully? 

A. After each case, add the following code line: break; 

B. After each case, add the following code line: continue; 

C. After each case, add the following code line: goto default; 

D. After each case, add the following code line: return; 


Q19. You are writing code for a new method named Process: 

void Draw(object o) 

The code receives a parameter of type object. You need to cast this object into the type Polygon. At times, the value of o that is passed to the method might not be a valid Polygon value. You need to make sure that the code does not generate any System.InvalidCastException errors while doing the conversions. 

Which of the following lines of code should you use inside the Draw method to accomplish this goal? 

A. Polygon p = (Polygon) o; 

B. Polygon p = o is Polygon; 

C. Polygon p = o as Polygon; 

D. Polygon p = (o != null) ? o as Polygon : (Polygon) o; 


Q20. You are planning to develop a new software system for your organization. Someone needs to be responsible for developing system manuals and help files. Which of the following participants should you identify for this task? 

A. user interface designer 

B. content developer 

C. user interface designer 

D. technical writer