PCNSE7 lab(11 to 20) for IT engineers: Jul 2017 Edition

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Q11. What can missing SSL packets when performing a packet capture on dataplane interfaces?

A. The packets are hardware offloaded to the offloaded processor on the dataplane

B. The missing packets are offloaded to the management plane CPU

C. The packets are not captured because they are encrypted

D. There is a hardware problem with offloading FPGA on the management plane 

Answer: A

Q12. A client is deploying a pair of PA-5000 series firewalls using High Availability (HA) in Active/Passive mode. Which statement is true about this deployment?

A. The two devices must share a routable floating IP address

B. The two devices may be different models within the PA-5000 series

C. The HA1 IP address from each peer must be on a different subnet

D. The management port may be used for a backup control connection 

Answer: D

Q13. Which two methods can be used to mitigate resource exhaustion of an application server? (Choose two)

A. Vulnerability Object

B. DoS Protection Profile

C. Data Filtering Profile

D. Zone Protection Profile 

Answer: B,D

Q14. A company has a policy that denies all applications it classifies as bad and permits only application it classifies as good. The firewall administrator created the following security policy on the company's firewall.


Which interface configuration will accept specific VLAN IDs?

Which two benefits are gained from having both rule 2 and rule 3 presents? (choose two)

A. A report can be created that identifies unclassified traffic on the network.

B. Different security profiles can be applied to traffic matching rules 2 and 3.

C. Rule 2 and 3 apply to traffic on different ports.

D. Separate Log Forwarding profiles can be applied to rules 2 and 3. 

Answer: A,B

Q15. A network security engineer is asked to perform a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) on a firewall Which part of files needs to be imported back into the replacement firewall that is using Panorama?

A. Device state and license files

B. Configuration and serial number files

C. Configuration and statistics files

D. Configuration and Large Scale VPN (LSVPN) setups file

Answer: B

Q16. A network Administrator needs to view the default action for a specific spyware signature. The administrator follows the tabs and menus through Objects> Security Profiles> Anti-Spyware and select default profile. What should be done next?

A. Click the simple-critical rule and then click the Action drop-down list.

B. Click the Exceptions tab and then click show all signatures.

C. View the default actions displayed in the Action column.

D. Click the Rules tab and then look for rules with "default" in the Action column. 

Answer: B

Q17. Which Security Policy Rule configuration option disables antivirus and anti-spyware scanning of server-to- client flows only?

A. Disable Server Response Inspection

B. Apply an Application Override

C. Disable HIP Profile

D. Add server IP Security Policy exception 

Answer: A

Q18. A company has a web server behind a Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall that it wants to make accessible to the public at The company has decided to configure a destination NAT Policy rule. Given the following zone information:

•DMZ zone: DMZ-L3

•Public zone: Untrust-L3

•Guest zone: Guest-L3

•Web server zone: Trust-L3

•Public IP address (Untrust-L3):

•Private IP address (Trust-L3):

What should be configured as the destination zone on the Original Packet tab of NAT Policy rule?

A. Untrust-L3


C. Guest-L3

D. Trust-L3 

Answer: A

Q19. Only two Trust to Untrust allow rules have been created in the Security policy Rule1 allows google-base

Rule2 allows youtube-base

The youtube-base App-ID depends on google-base to function. The google-base App-ID implicitly uses SSL and web-browsing. When user try to accesss https://www.youtube.com in a web browser, they get an error indecating that the server cannot be found.

Which action will allow youtube.com display in the browser correctly?

A. Add SSL App-ID to Rule1

B. Create an additional Trust to Untrust Rule, add the web-browsing, and SSL App-ID's to it

C. Add the DNS App-ID to Rule2

D. Add the Web-browsing App-ID to Rule2 

Answer: C

Q20. A network security engineer has been asked to analyze Wildfire activity. However, the Wildfire Submissions item is not visible form the Monitor tab.

What could cause this condition?

A. The firewall does not have an active WildFire subscription.

B. The engineer's account does not have permission to view WildFire Submissions.

C. A policy is blocking WildFire Submission traffic.

D. Though WildFire is working, there are currently no WildFire Submissions log entries. 

Answer: A