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2016 Oct 350-080 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. Why is a Cisco UCS B250 server unable to support 16-GB DIMMs?

A. Dual-rank DIMMs are not supported.

B. 16-GB DIMMs are too slow.

C. The largest DIMM an Intel 55xx or 56xx CPU can address is 32 GB.

D. The memory bus would be too long.

E. The blade would run too hot.

Answer: C

Q32. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statements are true about the subswitch ID that is filled in the header? (Choose three.)

A. FabricPath switches running vPC use this field to identify the specific virtual switch.

B. FabricPath switches running vPC+ use this field to identify the specific vPC+ PortChannel on which traffic is to be forwarded.

C. The subswitch ID field is locally significant to each vPC+ switch pair.

D. The subswitch ID field must be unique within the FabricPath domain.

E. In the absence of vPC+, this field is set to 0.

Answer: B,C,E

Q33. Which three flow-control port states lead to enabled link flow control? (Choose three.)

A. Receive port: Enabled, Transmit port: Enabled

B. Receive port: Enabled, Transmit port: Desired

C. Receive port: Enabled, Transmit port: Disabled

D. Receive port: Disabled, Transmit port: Desired

E. Receive port: Desired, Transmit port: Desired

Answer: A,B,E

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Q34. Which of the following is a feature of Fabric Extender?

A. The Fabric Extender provides two user queues for its QoS support, one for all no-drop classes and one for all drop classes.

B. The class-all-flood and class-ip-multicast class maps are used on the Fabric Extender.

C. The Fabric Extender inherits the CoS configured on the upstream switch.

D. For a Cisco Nexus 2248PQ 10GE Fabric Extender, all fabric interfaces can be bundled into a single fabric port channel.

Answer: A

Q35. What are two benefits of a FabricPath network? (Choose two.)

A. Simplicity of configuration

B. Automatic OSPF routing

C. Scalability

D. Dynamic link selection

E. Spanning tree loop prioritization.

Answer: A,C

Q36. After configuring FabricPath, the following appears in the syslog:

%STP-2-L2GW_BACKBONE_BLOCK: L2 Gateway Backbone port inconsistency blocking port port-channel100 on VLAN0010.

What is the cause of this message?

A. STP must be disabled; message indicates that STP is enabled.

B. STP is misconfigured; root guard must be disabled.

C. An inferior BPDU is received on a Cisco FabricPath edge port.

D. A superior BPDU is received on a Cisco FabricPath edge port.

Answer: D


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Q37. Which two statements about a “Virtual PortChannel graceful consistent check” are true?

A. Graceful consistency check is enabled by default.

B. When graceful consistency check is enabled, only the links on the secondary peer device are suspended.

C. Graceful consistency check is disabled by default, so to enable this feature, use graceful consistency-check command under VPC domain configuration mode.

D. When graceful consistency check is enabled, only the inconsistent VLANs on the secondary peer device are suspended.

Answer: A,B

Q38. Refer to the exhibit.

Your company requires a Cisco UCS configuration that will, at a minimum, allow the configuration in the provided exhibit. 

Which Cisco UCS components will meet the requirement? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco UCS 6148, Cisco UCS 6248UP, or the Cisco UCS 6296UP fabric interconnects

B. Cisco UCS 2104XP Fabric Extender

C. Cisco UCS 2204XP or 2208XP Fabric Extenders

D. Cisco UCS M81KR Virtual Interface Card

E. Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card 1280

F. Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card 1240 with a port expander

Answer: A,E,F

Q39. Refer to the exhibit.

Which option describes the capability that the FCoE setting allows?

A. configures the FEX to send FCoE traffic only to this switch

B. allows mapped VLAN-VSAN traffic to reach the FEX

C. configures FEX for A-B SAN capabilities

D. allows interface Ethernet 101/1/1 to exchange DCBX information

Answer: A

Q40. OTV is a MAC-in-IP method that extends Layer 2 connectivity across a transport network infrastructure. Which three options are high-availability features? (Choose three.)

A. OTV fast convergence

B. fast failure detection

C. added the track-adjacency-nexthop command to enable overlay route tracking

D. added support for unicast cores using an adjacency server

E. added support for Ipv6 unicast forwarding and multicast flooding across the OTV overlay

Answer: A,B,E

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