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Exam Code: 642-887 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Core Network Services (SPCORE)
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2016 Oct 642-887 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. A DSCP value of 41 in decimal corresponds to which IP precedence value?

A. 3 – Flash

B. 4 – Flash Override

C. 5 – Critical

D. 6 – Internet Control

E. 7 – Network Control

Answer: C

Q2. On Cisco routers, how is hierarchical QoS implemented?

A. Within the parent policy, reference another child policy using the policy-map command.

B. Within the child policy, reference another parent policy using the policy-map command.

C. Use the policy-map command within a service-policy to implement nested policy-maps.

D. Within the parent policy-map, reference another child policy-map using the service- policy command.

Answer: D

Q3. LDP session protection uses which one to maintain the LDP session between LDP neighbors?



C. backup-targeted LDP hellos


E. LDP-IGP synchronization

Answer: C

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Q4. Layer 2 VPN services that are offered by traditional service providers using a SONET/SDH backbone can be implemented by service providers using an IP/MPLS backbone with which MPLS feature?

A. LSP stitching


C. virtual private WAN services

D. cell-mode MPLS

Answer: B

Q5. When defining an explicit MPLS TE tunnel path, which two command options are available under the explicit-path configuration mode? (Choose two.)

A. exclude-address

B. include-address

C. next-address

D. dynamic-address

Answer: A,C

Q6. When implementing MPLS TE tunnels on Cisco IOS XR routers, what is the tunnel setup and hold priority value range, and which value has the highest priority?

A. 0-63, where 0 is the highest priority

B. 0-63, where 63 is the highest priority

C. 0-7, where 0 is the highest priority

D. 0-7, where 7 is the highest priority

Answer: C


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Q7. On the Cisco ASR9K router, when using the bandwidth command to specify the minimum guaranteed bandwidth to be allocated for a specific class of traffic, what will be used as the queuing algorithm?

A. custom queuing




E. priority queuing

Answer: B

Q8. You are tasked to enable LDP on many of the interfaces on the Cisco CRS-3 router, and because there are many interfaces that need to have LDP enabled, you mistakenly did not enable LDP on all the required interfaces. To prevent this issue from happening again in the future, what could you do the next time you need to enable LDP on many interfaces?

A. use the mpls ldp auto-config command under the IGP routing process

B. use the mpls ldp sync command under the IGP routing process

C. use the interface all command under the MPLS LDP process

D. use the discovery command under the MPLS LDP process

Answer: A

Q9. Which of the following three statements are correct regarding IPv6 QoS? (Choose three.)

A. The traffic class field in the IPv6 header can be used to set specific precedence or DSCP values.

B. A 20-bit flow label field enables per-flow processing.

C. DS-TE is not supported by IPv6.

D. Per-hop behavior in IPv6 networks is based on EXP bits.

E. IPv6 QoS features are configured using the modular QoS CLI on Cisco routers.

Answer: ABE

Q10. Which field in the MPLS shim header is used to support different QoS markings?

A. IP precedence



D. ToS

E. S

F. Label

Answer: C

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