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Q191. What principle requires that changes to the plaintext affect many parts of the ciphertext? 

A. Diffusion 

B. Encapsulation 

C. Obfuscation 

D. Permutation 


Q192. What is the.BEST.first step.for determining if the appropriate security controls are in place for protecting data at rest? 

A. Identify regulatory requirements 

B. Conduct a risk assessment 

C. Determine.business drivers 

D. Review the.security baseline configuration 


Q193. By.carefully.aligning.the.pins.in.the.lock, which of the following defines the opening of a mechanical lock without the proper key? 

A. Lock pinging 

B. Lock picking 

C. Lock bumping 

D. Lock bricking 


Q194. Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of the security functional requirements of Common Criteria? 

A. Level of assurance of the Target of Evaluation (TOE) in intended operational environment 

B. Selection to meet the security objectives stated in test documents 

C. Security behavior expected of a TOE 

D. Definition of the roles and responsibilities 


Q195. What is the MOST effective method for gaining unauthorized access to a file protected with a long complex password? 

A. Brute force attack 

B. Frequency analysis 

C. Social engineering 

D. Dictionary attack 


Q196. The BEST way to check for good security programming practices, as well as auditing for possible backdoors, is to conduct 

A. log auditing. 

B. code reviews. 

C. impact assessments. 

D. static analysis. 


Q197. During an audit of system management, auditors find that the system administrator has not been trained. What actions need to be taken at once to ensure the integrity of systems? 

A. A review of hiring policies and methods of verification of new employees 

B. A review of all departmental procedures 

C. A review of all training procedures to be undertaken 

D. A review of all systems by an experienced administrator 


Q198. A risk assessment report recommends upgrading all perimeter firewalls to mitigate a particular finding. Which of the following BEST supports this recommendation? 

A. The inherent risk is greater than the residual risk. 

B. The Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE) approaches zero. 

C. The expected loss from the risk exceeds mitigation costs. 

D. The infrastructure budget can easily cover the upgrade costs. 


Q199. When using third-party software developers, which of the following is the MOST effective method of providing software development Quality Assurance (QA)? 

A. Retain intellectual property rights through contractual wording. 

B. Perform overlapping code reviews by both parties. 

C. Verify that the contractors attend development planning meetings. 

D. Create a separate contractor development environment. 


Q200. Which of the following BEST represents the principle of open design? 

A. Disassembly, analysis, or reverse engineering will reveal the security functionality of the computer system. 

B. Algorithms must be protected to ensure the security and interoperability of the designed system. 

C. A knowledgeable user should have limited privileges on the system to prevent their ability to compromise security capabilities. 

D. The security of a mechanism should not depend on the secrecy of its design or implementation.