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Q171. Which of the following disaster recovery test plans will be MOST effective while providing minimal risk? 

A. Read-through 

B. Parallel 

C. Full interruption 

D. Simulation 


Q172. What type of test assesses a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan using realistic disaster scenarios while maintaining minimal impact to business operations? 

A. Parallel 

B. Walkthrough 

C. Simulation 

D. Tabletop 


Q173. A Simple Power Analysis (SPA) attack against a device directly observes which of the following? 

A. Static discharge 

B. Consumption 

C. Generation 

D. Magnetism 


Q174. Which of the following is the BEST solution to provide redundancy for telecommunications links? 

A. Provide multiple links from the same telecommunications vendor. 

B. Ensure that the telecommunications links connect to the network in one location. 

C. Ensure.that the telecommunications links connect to the network in multiple locations. 

D. Provide multiple links from multiple telecommunications vendors. 



Place the following information classification steps in.sequential order. 


Q176. The stringency of an Information Technology (IT) security assessment will be determined by the 

A. system's past security record. 

B. size of the system's database. 

C. sensitivity of the system's data. 

D. age of the system. 


Q177. An auditor carrying out a compliance audit requests passwords that are encrypted in the system to verify that the passwords are compliant with policy. Which of the following is the BEST response to the auditor? 

A. Provide the encrypted passwords and analysis tools to the auditor for analysis. 

B. Analyze the encrypted passwords for the auditor and show them the results. 

C. Demonstrate that non-compliant passwords cannot be created in the system. 

D. Demonstrate that non-compliant passwords cannot be encrypted in the system. 


Q178. Which of the following is a strategy of grouping requirements in developing a Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E)? 

A. Standards, policies, and procedures 

B. Tactical, strategic, and financial 

C. Management, operational, and technical 

D. Documentation, observation, and manual 


Q179. Which of the following is a security limitation of File Transfer Protocol (FTP)? 

A. Passive FTP is not compatible with web browsers. 

B. Anonymous access is allowed. 

C. FTP uses Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) ports 20 and 21. 

D. Authentication is not encrypted. 


Q180. A mobile device application that restricts the storage of user information to just that which is needed to accomplish lawful business goals adheres to what privacy principle? 

A. Onward transfer 

B. Collection Limitation 

C. Collector Accountability 

D. Individual Participation