[Practical] 1Z0-432 Oracle test engine 51-59 (Sep 2016)

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2016 Sep 1Z0-432 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. There is an instance for which the instance type is set to ASMPROXY .Which two statements are correct? 

A. We know it can be shutdown when ACFS is not running. 

B. We know this clusteris using Flex ASM. 

C. We know Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager is not supported here. 

D. We know this is an Oracle Restart configuration. 

E. We know this node must have a direct ASM client running 

Answer: B,E 

Q52. The customeris stillnot convinced about the advantages ofusing node VIPs.Whichis the most importantpoint that willconvince him about why VIPs are usedinOracle RAC 12cR1environments? 

A. Itisvery convenient as whenever a node/interface/network related to the node VIPfails,the VIP can fail to another node and the failed over VIP can start accepting connections from the new node avoiding connection failures 

B. Thisis needed as whenever a node/interface/network related to the node VIP fails,clients that attempt to connect to the VIP address receive a rapid connection-refused errorinstead of waiting for TCP connecttimeout messages.This helps for a quicker failure detection and resolution 

C. Itis needed as whenever the node/interface/network related to the VIP fails, nothing happens and node VIP never fails to any other node and stays stable 

D. Configuring VIP is optional and not neededinan Oracle RAC 12cR1 configuration. 

Answer: A 

Q53. Identify the incorrect statement about server pools. 

A. Server pools divide a cluster into logical groups of servers inwhich the application can be a database or nondatabase. 

B. An application is considered a singleton when it runs on a single server ina pool. The database administrator must use the CRSCTL utility to create and manage clusters that contain Oracle RAC databases 

C. Oracle Default Server Pools are defined as FREE and GENERIC Server Pools. 

D. Database administrators can create and manage server pools that will contain Oracle RAC databases by using the SRVCTL utility. 

Answer: C 

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Q54. Which statement about the management ofOracle ADVM volumes by using ASMCA is incorrect? 

A. Using ASMCA allows you to create and configure an Oracle ADVM volume 

B. You can use ASMCA to enable or disable ADVM volumes. 

C. When creating an Oracle ADVM volume for an ACFS file system that will store database files, you must create the volume using ASMCA to ensure correct column striping 

D. You can use ASMCA to resizevolumes that have not been mounted on an Oracle ACFS file system 

E. You can use ASMCA to deleteOracle ADVM volumes 

Answer: C 

Q55. ASM has multiple redundancy levels. Identify three of them: 

A. No mirror 

B. RAID 5 mirror with a 1 parity disk 

C. RAID 1 + 0 mirror 

D. RAID 1 + 1 triple mirror 

E. RAID 5 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q56. You are preparing two Oracle Linux nodes, node1 and node2, for the installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure, you plan to use the existing Linux users "grid" as Grid Infrastructure software. 

What task must be performed before installing the Grid Infrastructure? 

A. Change the user "grid' initial login group to "dba" 

B. No task must be performed. 

C. Change the user ID ofthe grid user in node1, node2, or both nodes to guarantee that the user IDs are equal 

D. Add "users" to supplementary groups of "grid" in node1. Or, alternatively remove "users" from supplementary groups ofnode2 "grid." 

E. Use another Linux user as "grid" might be used for other purposes. 

Answer: C 




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Q57. To create a policy-managed database in RAC, whichthree properties have to be defined? 

A. Minimum downtime before switchover occurs 

B. Minimum number of nodes 

C. Maximum number of nodes 

D. Relative importance compared to other server pools 

E. Relative uptime compared to other server pools 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q58. Consider the server pools configured in the following scenario.There are no servers inthecluster, and all server pools are empty. 

When server1 joins the cluster, it will be assigned to… 

A. sp1 

B. sp2 

C. sp2 and sp2_1 

D. sp2 and sp2_2 

E. sp2, sp2_1,and sp2_2 

F. sp3 

Answer: C 

Q59. Which code must youuse to increase the cardinality of the ASM inthe cluster? A)[root@o16r02 bin]# ./srvct1 add asm –count 1 [root@o16r02 bin]# ./srvct1 modify asm ASM home: /u01/app/12.1.0/grid Password file: +DATA/orapwASM ASM listener: LISTENER ASM instance count: 1 Cluster ASM listener: ASMNETILSNR_ASM 

B)[root@o16r02 bin]# ./crvct1modifyasm –count 1 [root@o16r02 bin]# ./crvct1addasm ASM home: /u01/app/12.1.0/grid Password file: +DATA/orapwASM ASM listener: LISTENER ASM instance count: 1 Cluster ASM listener: ASMNETILSNR_ASM C)[root@o16r02 bin]# ./srvct1 modify asm –count 1 [root@o16r02 bin]# ./srvct1 config asm ASM home: /u01/app/12.1.0/grid Password file: +DATA/orapwASM ASM listener: LISTENER ASM instance count: 1 Cluster ASM listener: ASMNETILSNR_ASM D)[root@o16r02 bin]# ./crvct1 modify asm –count 1 [root@o16r02 bin]# ./srvct1 config asm ASM home: /u01/app/12.1.0/grid Password file: +DATA/orapwASM ASM listener: LISTENER ASM instance count: 1 Cluster ASM listener: ASMNETILSNR_ASM 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Answer: C 

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