[Real] 1Z0-897 Oracle test questions 21-30 (Dec 2017)

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Q21. Which two statements are true about elements in a WSDL document? (Choose two.) 

A. Operation is an abstract set of port types supported by one or more endpoints. 

B. Service is an abstract set of operations supported by one or more endpoints. 

C. Message is an abstract description of an action supported by the service. 

D. Operation is an abstract description of an action supported by the service. 

E. Binding is a single endpoint defined as a combination of an operation and a network address. 

F. Message is an abstract, typed definition of the data being communicated. 

Answer: DF 

Q22. A company has contracted a developer to create their new accounting system. The system the developer will replace runs a monolithic web application using one web server and one database server. Technical requirements state the developer must write the business logic in Java, deploy to the application server and push the presentation logic onto the web servers. What are three characteristics that services in the proposed Service Oriented Architecture should honor? (Choose three.) 

A. Services are coarse grained. 

B. Services are finely grained. 

C. Services are loosely coupled. 

D. Services are tightly coupled. 

E. Clients must be implemented in the Java technology. 

F. Services are platform agnostic, network-addressable web APIs. 

Answer: ACF 

Q23. Given the following web service: 

How many web methods are there in the above web service? (Choose one) 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4 

E. 5 


Q24. An enterprise has a requirement to create a Web service to accept purchase orders. The order data contains some authorization information that is specific to each order (such as, who can access which parts of the order). Keeping in mind future enhancements in types of orders that the enterprise needs to accept, which two design solutions provide the most flexibility? (Choose two.) 

A. a Web service interface with one method per accepted XML document type for a purchase order 

B. a procedure-style Web service method that lists all data elements and all possible access control options 

C. a document-style Web service method that accepts all types of XML documents representing purchase orders. 

D. a Web service interface with one method for each combination of data elements and the access control options 

Answer: AC 

Q25. Which security technologies are not included in WS-Security? 

A. encryption 

B. handshake for credential exchange and session establishment 

C. security tokens 

D. digital signatures 


Q26. Which of the following WS-Security token profiles is not supported in Metro? 

A. X509 Token Profile 

B. Kerberos Token Profile 

C. SAML Token Profile 

D. SOAP with Attachments (SWA) profile 

E. Right Expression Language (REL) Token Profile 


Q27. Which of the following can an EJB-based web service endpoint may NOT be able to use ? 

A. Servlet sessions 

B. Java EE 6 declarative security 

C. container-managed transactions 

D. dependency injection 


Q28. In the following situation, Client C sends a SOAP request to Service S and the response is to be processed by a third party response processor R. Which of the following SOAP headers in the request message convey the intention? Assume the endpoint reference of Service S is 

A. <s11:Header> 






B. <s11:Header> 






C. <s11:Header> 






D. <s11:Header> 







Q29. When a SOAP envelope is optimized on the wire, the following can be said about the optimized infoset : (Choose one) 

A. optimized infoset contains xop:Include elements with href attribute pointing to attachment data 

B. optimized infoset contains mtom:Import with location attribute pointing to attachment data 

C. optimized infoset doesn't have any specific elements for MIME attachment. 

D. optimzed infoset's element contain cid:Content-ID as the text and Content-ID refers to the associated attachment 


Q30. Given the resource class: 

Choose the fragment that a client could use to request "/res/value" using its JSON representation (Choose one): 

A. WebResource resource = client.resource("/res/value"); 

Value val = 


B. WebResource resource = client.resource("/res/value"); 

Value val = 


C. WebResource resource = client.resource("/res"); 

Value val = 


D. WebResource resource = client.resource("/res/value"); 

Value val = resource.get(Value.class);