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Q11. Which is a best practice to secure system traffic, ensure optimal performance and satisfy prerequisites for NSX?

A. Configure a single VMkernel and a single distributed port group for all the system traffic.

B. Configure a single distributed port group with a single VMkernel for Management and iSCSI traffic, a separate VMkernel for vMotion and VSAN traffic.

C. Dedicate separate VMkernel adapters for each type of system traffic. Dedicate separate distributed port groups for each VMkernel adapter and isolate the VLANs for each type of system traffic.

D. Dedicate separate VMkernel adapters for each type ofsystem traffic and dedicate separate standard switches for each type of system traffic connected to a single physical network.

Answer: B

Q12. What is a requirement of NSX Data Security?

A. NSX manager must be configured for Active Directory integration

B. The Global Flow Collection Status must be set to Enabled

C. Guest Introspection must be installed on the cluster

D. AN IP Pool must be created.

Answer: C



Q13. An NSX Edge Service Gateway has two interfaces:

• Internal interface named Internal Access

— IP address =

— Network mask =

• Uplink interface named Physical Uplink

— IP address =

— Network mask =

A vSphere administrator wants to add a SNAT rule to allow traffic from the internal network segment to access external resources via the uplink interface.

Which three steps should the vSphere administrator do to add the SNAT rule? (Choose three.)

A. Apply the SNAT rule to the Internal Access interface.

B. Select as the translated source IP.

C. Apply the SNAT rule on the Physical Uplink interface.

D. Select as the original subnet.

E. Choose as the translated source IP address.

Answer: C,D,E

Q14. A workload was attached to a logical switch port group in Compute Cluster 1. Users are complaining that I hey can communicate with other workloads on that port group in the cluster, but not with other workloads on different networks.

What is the most probable cause?

A. The distributed firewall has a default rule set to deny all

B. The Distributed Logical Router was not configured on Compute Cluster 1

C. Compute Cluster 1 is NOT a member of the Transport Zone

D. An NSX Edge has NOT been deployed into Compute Cluster 1

Answer: A

Q15. Which two network services are abstracted from the underlying hardware by NSX? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual Private Networks

B. Multiprotocol Label Switching

C. Load Balancing

D. Overlay Transport Virtualizations

Answer: A,C



Q16. Which details can an administrator verify from the Summary tab of the VMware NSX Manager? (Choose three)

A. Current time

B. Average MTBF

C. Version

D. Storage utilization

E. Health Score

Answer: A,C,E

Q17. An administrator wants to perform Activity Monitoring on a large group of virtual machines in an NSX environment.

How would this task be accomplished with minimal administrative effort?

A. Create a PowerCLI script to enable virtual machine data collection on each virtual machine.

B. Create a security group in Service Composer and add the virtual machines to the security group.

C. Add the virtual machines to the pre-defined Activity Monitoring security group in Service


D. Add the virtual machines to a VM folder in vCenter Server and enable data collection.

Answer: C

Q18. Which two networking and security components are contained m the backup configuration data of an NSX Manager backup file? (Choose two )

A. vSphere Distributed Switch

B. Resource Pools

C. Edge Services Gateway

D. Grouping Objects

Answer: C,D

Q19. What is the effect on NSX Edge virtual machines when NSX Edge high availability is configured but vSphere HA is NOT configured?

A. The active-standby NSX Edge pair will survive one failure. However, the virtual machines must reside on the same host to prevent NSX Edge availability from being compromised.

B. The active-standby NSX Edge HA pair will survive multiple failures.

C. The active-standby NSX Edge HA pair will survive one failure. However, if another failure happens before the second Edge appliance is restored, NSX Edge availability can be compromised.

D. The active-standby NSX Edge HA pair will survive two failures. However, the virtual machines must reside on two different hosts.

Answer: C

Q20. What is the best practice workflow for a NSX installation to support logical switching?

A. Deploy NSX Manager, Configure Logical Switches, Register with vCenter, Deploy Controllers. Prepare hosts

B. Deploy NSX Manager, Deploy Controllers, Configure Logical Switches, Register withvCenter, Prepare hosts

C. Deploy NSX Manager, Register with vCenter, Prepare hosts, Deploy Controllers, Configure Logical Switches

D. Deploy NSX Manager, Register with vCenter, Deploy Controllers, Prepare hosts, Configure Logical Switches

Answer: B