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Q21. Which two options are correct regarding vSphere Distributed Switches? (Choose two )

A. A single vDS can span multiple vCenter Servers

B. A single host can be attached to multiple vDS

C. A single vDS can span multiple hosts across multiple clusters

D. A vDS is automatically created when a new 802.1Q trunk is configured

Answer: A,B

Q22. An NSX administrator is validating the setup for a new NSX implementation and inputs this command:

A. It helps verify that VXLAN segments are functional and the transport network supports the proper MTU size for NSX.

B. It helps verify that the source virtual machine is configured with the proper MTU size for NSX.

C. It helps verify that the NSX Controller is communicating with the destination VTEP.

D. It helps verify that the NSX Logical Switch is routing packets to the destination host.

Answer: A



Q23. Exhibit:

Which would best describe a workload in Compute Cluster 1 attached to a logical switch port group?

A. Within Compute Cluster 1, Layer 2 would function, but Layer 3 would fail.

B. Within Compute Cluster 1, Layer 2 would fail, and Layer 3 would fail.

C. Within ComputeCluster 1, Layer 2 would fail, but Layer 3 would function.

D. Within Compute Cluster 1, Layer 2 would function, and Layer 3 would function.

Answer: A


This has an interesting side effect: if you didn’t add all clusters of a given DVS to the TZ, those clusters you haven’t added will still have access to that Logical Switch. Let’s have a look at the following diagram:

From < understanding-transport-zone-scoping/>

his means that in out hypothetical case, if we were to create a DLR and connect to it that

LS we’ve created earlier, DLR instance would get created on hosts in clusters Comp B and

Mgmt / Edge, but not on hosts in clusteCr omp A:

From <

Q24. An organization is planning to use NSX as part of a disaster recovery project to provide consistent networking between two sites. Each site has one vCenter server. The organization requires universal objects and requires components to function during a site outage.

What is the minimum total instances of NSX Manager(s) and NSX Controller(s) that must be deployed across both sites to supporting the required functionality?

A. Two NSX Managers and two NSX Controllers

B. Two NSX Managers and six NSX Controllers

C. Two NSX Managers and three NSX Controllers

D. Two NSX Managers and four NSX Controllers

Answer: C

Q25. An administrator has implemented VMware NSX on a leaf-spine underlay. They have deployed the following in the data center:

• Two racks for a management cluster that is not prepared for VMware NSX

• Six racks for compute clusters

• Two racks for an Edge cluster which holds a DLR control VM for bridging, and North/South Edge Service Gateways

Which three of the following are true regarding the physical and logical networking of the environment? (Choose three )

A. At least one VXLAN segment spans across all the racks

B. VXLAN segments span the compute and Edge racks

C. At least one VLAN spans the compute racks

D. At least one VLAN spans across the two management racks

E. At least 2 VLANs span across the two Edge racks.

Answer: B,C,D

Q26. A network administrator is troubleshooting an issue and needs to observe an injected packet as it passes through the physical and logical network.

Which tool will accomplish this?

A. Traceflow

B. NetFlow

C. Flow Monitoring

D. Activity Monitoring

Answer: A


Reference 8B84-02C18781186F.html

Q27. Which three NSX services are available for synchronization in a Cross-vCenter implementation? (Choose three.)

A. Spoofguard

B. Distributed Firewall

C. Edge Firewall

D. Logical Switch

E. Transport Zone

Answer: B,D,E


Reference 62/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/nsx_62_cross_vc_install.pdf

Q28. What are two things that should be done before upgrading from vCloud Networking and Security to NSX? (Choose two.)

A. Power off vShield Manager

B. Deploy NSX Manager virtualappliance

C. Uninstall vShield Data Security

D. Ensure that forward and reverse DNS is functional

Answer: C,D


Reference 62/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.nsx.upgrade.endpoint.doc%2FGUID-0D1B18B1-B5CC-483B-8BC0-95A2E8C025B9.html

Q29. When deploying a standalone NSX Edge as a Layer 2 VPN client, which port needs to be configured on the client vSphere Distributed Switch?

A. Trunk port

B. Span port

C. Sink port

D. Mirror port

Answer: A


Reference B142-F814F801FA42.html

Q30. What is the most restrictive NSX role that can be used to create and publish security policies and install virtual appliances?

A. Security Administrator

B. NSX Administrator

C. Auditor

D. Enterprise Administrator

Answer: D