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Q61. A user has launched an EC2 instance and installed a website with the Apache webserver. The webserver is running but the user is not able to access the website from the internet. What can be the possible reason for this failure?

A. The security group of the instance is not configured properly.

B. The instance is not configured with the proper key-pairs.

C. The Apache website cannot be accessed from the internet.

D. Instance is not configured with an elastic IP. 

Answer: A


In Amazon Web Services, when a user has configured an instance with Apache, the user needs to ensure that the ports in the security group are opened as configured in Apache config. E.g. If Apache is running on port 80, the user should open port 80 in the security group.


Q62. In DynamoDB, to get a detailed listing of secondary indexes on a table, you can use the action.

A. DescribeTabIe

B. BatchGetItem

C. Getltem

D. TabIeName 

Answer: A


In DynamoDB, DescribeTab|e returns information about the table, including the current status ofthe table, when it was created, the primary key schema, and any indexes on the table.


Q63. Does Amazon DynamoDB support both increment and decrement atomic operations?

A. No, neither increment nor decrement operations.

B. Only increment, since decrement are inherently impossible with DynamoDB's data model.

C. Only decrement, since increment are inherently impossible with DynamoDB's data model.

D. Yes, both increment and decrement operations. 

Answer: D


Amazon DynamoDB supports increment and decrement atomic operations.


Q64. In relation to Amazon Simple Workflow Service (Amazon SWF),what is an "ActMty Worker"?

A. An indMdual task undertaken by a workflow

B. The automation of a business process

C. A piece of software that implements tasks

D. All answers listed are correct 

Answer: C


In relation to Amazon Simple Workflow Service (Amazon SWF), an actMty worker is a program that receives actMty tasks, performs them, and provides results back. Which translates to a piece of software that implements tasks.


Q65. A user has attached an EBS volume to a running Linux instance as a "/dev/sdf" device. The user is unable to see the attached device when he runs the command "df -h". What is the possible reason for this?

A. The volume is not in the same AZ of the instance

B. The volume is not formatted

C. The volume is not attached as a root device

D. The volume is not mounted 

Answer: D


When a user creates an EBS volume and attaches it as a device, it is required to mount the device. If the device/volume is not mounted it will not be available in the listing.


Q66. An orgAMzation has 10000 employees. The orgAMzation wants to give restricted AWS access to each employee. How can the orgAMzation achieve this?

A. Create an IAM user for each employee and make them a part of the group

B. It is not recommended to support 10000 users with IAM

C. Use STS and create the users’ run time

D. Use Identity federation with SSO 

Answer: D


Identity federation enables users from an existing directory to access resources within your AWS account,

making it easier to manage your users by maintaining their identities in a single place. In this case, the federated user is the only solution since AWS does not allow creating more than 5000 IAM users. Reference:

Q67. A user is accessing an EC2 instance on the SSH port for IP Which one is a secure way to

configure that the instance can be accessed only from this IP?

A. In the security group, open port 22 for IP 1020.30.40/0

B. In the security group, open port 22 for IP

C. In the security group, open port 22 for IP

D. In the security group, open port 22 for IP 

Answer: B


In AWS EC2, while configuring a security group, the user needs to specify the IP address in CIDR notation. The CIDR IP range says it is for a single IP If the user specifies the IP as only, the security group will not accept and ask it in a CIRD format.


Q68. Regarding Amazon SWF, the coordination logic in a workflow is contained in a software program called a

A. Handler

B. Decider

C. Cordinator

D. Worker 

Answer: B


In Amazon SWF, the coordination logic in a workflow is contained in a software program called a decider. The decider schedules actMty tasks, provides input data to the actMty workers, processes events that  arrive while the workflow is in progress, and ultimately ends (or closes) the workflow when the objective has been completed.


Q69. ExamKiIIer (with AWS account ID 111122223333) has created 50 IAM users for its orgAMzation’s employees. What will be the AWS console URL for these associates?

A. https://|e/

B. https://



Answer: A


When an orgAMzation is using AWS IAM for creating various users and manage their access rights, the   IAM user cannot use the login URL to access AWS management console.  The console login URL for the IAM user will have AWS account ID of that orgAMzation to identify the IAM user belongs to particular account. The AWS console login URL for the IAM user will be https://

<AWS_Account_|D> In this case it will be https://


Q70. In Amazon EC2, which of the following is the type of monitoring data for Amazon EBS volumes that is available automatically in 5-minute periods at no charge?

A. Primary

B. Basic

C. Initial

D. Detailed 

Answer: B


Basic is the type of monitoring data (for Amazon EBS volumes) which is available automatically in 5-minute periods at no charge called.