Renewal Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant – An Overview 81 to 90

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Q81. Your company sells large mainframes that are delivered in one delivery but are paid for with several regular installments. What type of schedule should you set up?

A. Default Quantity Schedule

B. Default Revenue Schedule

C. Default Revenue and Quantity Schedule

D. Don't create any default schedule

Answer: B


If you are usingcustomizableforecasting what currency will the forecast display?

Answer: Customizableforecasts will display using the currency in your quota


What is Salesforce to Salesforce?

Answer: Salesforce to Salesforce enables business collaboration both withinand across Salesforce organizations.

Q84. Which of the following can be synced with Salesforce for Outlook? (Select all that apply)

A. Contacts

B. Tasks

C. Accounts

D. Events E.Emails

Answer: ABD

Q85. What should you consider when migrating inactive campaigns?

A. Nothing. You should not migrate inactive campaign data

B. Determine which data is important based on ROI

C. Determine which data isimportant based on data amount

D. Consider how long they have been inactive

Answer: B


What prerequisites must you meet before territory management can be enabled?

Answer: Your organization must be using customizable forecasting in order to enable territory management.


Sales reps shouldn’t be able to edit certain opportunity fields afterclosed/won stage (fields reserved for sales ops).

A. Validation rule

B. Workflow rule

C. Modify all data privilege -> Sales Ops

D. Field level security

Answer: A

Q88. A strong pipeline requires sales and marketing alignment. Which ofthe following example describes a need for sales and marketing alignment?

A. Leads are qualified but not routed to the right people

B. Campaigns are launched without communicating the follow-up plan

C. Leads are tracked in separate systems, not accessible by all

D. As business matures, it becomes difficult to identify right prospects

Answer: B


Does a deactivated user count against yourorganization’savailableuser licenses?

Answer: No. A deactivated user doesn't count against your organization’s available user licenses.

Q90. Which option best identifies with the Chatter Home Page?

A. Everyone can see what you post here. Displays posts from everyone you're following.

B. Everyone can see what you post here. Only displays posts directed to you.

C. Only users with access rights can view or post here.

Answer: A