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2016 Oct 1Z0-432 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. You are managing a four node Oracle RAC environment.During amaintenancewindowit isrequired to shut down and restart RACinstances 2 and 4. Which option shows the required commands to accomplish this task? 

A)srvct1 stop instance –i racdb1 –d racdb srvct1 stop instance –d racdb –i racdb2 srvct1 start instance –d racdb –i racdb2 srvct1 start instance –i racdb –dracdb2 B)srvct1 stop instance –i racdb4–d racdb srvct1 stop instance –d racdb –i racdb2 srvct1 start instance –iracdb2 –d racdb srvct1 start instance –i racdb4–dracdb C)srvct1 stop instance –i racdb4–dracdb intermediate srvct1 stop instance –d racdb –i racdb2intermediate srvct1 start instance –iracdb2 –d racdb srvct1 start instance –i racdb4–d racdb D)srvct1 stop instance –i racdb –dracdb force srvct1 stop instance –d racdb2–i racdbforce srvct1 start instance –iracdb2 –d racdb srvct1 start instance –i racdb4–d racdb 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Answer: B 

Q42. Inanadvanced GridInfrastructure lnstallation,you can optionally configureGridNaming Service (GNS).In which two cases must you configure the GNS? 

A. Youconfigured a dedicated network for Automatic Storage Management (ASM) 

B. You decided to configure a Flex Cluster 

C. You decided to configure a Standard Cluster 

D. You decided to use 1Pv6 addressesinclient connections 

E. You use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to assign IP addresses tocluster nodes 

Answer: B,E 

Q43. What is the correct syntax to put a DATA1disk offlinefor a failure group FG1, and drop it after five minutes? 


B. It is not possible to drop it after five minutes. 

C. It is not possible to specify a disk In a FAILGROUP. 



Answer: A 

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Q44. A node isevicted from a three-node cluster due to poor latency of the underlying storage Which two statements arecorrectin describing the instancerecovery process? 

A. Perform a restore of archive redo from flashrecovery area to recover database 

B. Upon startup, the SMON/LMS processes perform instance crash recovery. 

C. Upon startup of failed instance,the SMON process performs instance crash recovery by using checkpoints to determine which data needs to be append to data files. 

D. User intervention is not required. 

E. Upon startup, PMON (process monitor) performs instance crashrecovery automatically User intervention is not required 

Answer: C,D 

Q45. Your organization needs a new Oracle 12cR1 RAC environment. The decision is made to done asting RAC system to new servers using theclone.plmethod.Which mandatorystep must be performed before launching the clone procedure? 

A. Install an Oracle 12cR1 Database home to use as a seeded environment. 

B. Ensure that theserver meets all of the prerequisite requirements because the perlclone.plcloning method does not check that. 

C. Copy the utility to each target node 

D. Restore a copy or the Oracle Cluster Registry to the target servers. 

E. Keep all target nodes network isolated until the cloning is finished on the first node and then join each to the cluster network. 

Answer: E 

Q46. The Flex ASM instancesinyour four-node cluster currently have a cardinality of two.Identify the correct command that willchange the cardinality to three: 

A. $ srvctlmodify asm -cardinality 3 

B. $srvctlupdate asm -count=3 

C. $srvctlmodify asm -count 3 

D. $srvctlmodify flex count = 3 

Answer: C

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Q47. Under which conditioncan Oracle Automated Storage Management (ASM) be considered to be a component of the Oracle Clusterware technology stack? 

A. Oracle ClusterRegistry (OCR)is stored on Oracle ASM 

B. Oracle Local Registry (OLR)is stored on aclustered file system (OCFS/ACFS/DBFS) 

C. Both Oracle Cluster Registry and Oracle Local Registry are stored on Oracle ASM 

D. Oracle ASM can never be considered a componentof Oracle Clusterware 

E. Oracle ASM can be considered a component of Oracle Clusterware technology stack only when deployed on engineered systems such asExadata or Oracle Database Appliance 

Answer: A 

Q48. Which is the correct syntax to create an asmlib disk? 

DISK1 = asmlib disk name 

/dev/sdb1 = first device partition 

/dev/sdb = device name 

A. /usr/sbin/oracleasmadddisk DISK1/dev/sdfa 

B. /usr/sbin/oracleasmcreatedisk DISK1/dev/sdb1 

C. /usr/sbin/oracleasmcreatedisk DISK1/dev/sdb 

D. /usr/sbin/oracleasm map DISK1/dev/sdb 

Answer: B 

Q49. Which are the correct steps required to discover targets manually, using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c? 

A. Enterprise > Configuration > Search 

B. Targets > All Targets > Configure 

C. Setup > Manage CloudControl > Management Services 

D. Setup > Add Target > Add Targets Manually 

E. Setup > Discover Targets > Add Targets Manually 

Answer: D 

Q50. Oracle 12cR1 Flex Cluster introduces a new topology, which allows for a higher level of 

scalability. Which four statements accurately describe the new topology's properties? 

A. Hub and Leaf topologies allow tightly and loosely coupled server membership 

B. Hub and Leaf topologies supportimplicit Server Pools. 

C. Leaf servers are standard as in previousversions. 

D. Leaf servers arelight-weight, no shared storage, no peer-to-peer communication and dedicatedtoapplication service. 

E. Hub servers do not support Oracle ASM. 

F. Oracle Flex Cluster 12cR1 supports bare metal and OVM serversincommon cluster 

Answer: A,B,D,F 

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