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2016 Sep 1Z0-862 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. An organization has business logic implemented in EJB components. Current clients use container-managed, role-based security to access the business logic using RMI. Management has determined that the business logic must be made available to non-RMI clients using a Web service. Which container-managed Web service security mechanism must the development team use to allow Web service clients to use the current security model?



C. XML Digital Signature

D. HTTP Basic Authentication

E. annotations mapped to the JAX-WS runtime

Answer: D

Q52. A company is implementing an accounting system, where every transaction is monitored and audited. They must implement message-oriented Web services in their accounting package to integrate various modules. All errors in computation or transmission must be logged. Which two technologies will they use? (Choose two.)







Answer: AD

Q53. A developer is building a real-time stock market monitoring application. Due to the volume of stock information pulled from the financial markets and the delays encountered when receiving data back from the servers, the developer decides to implement the asynchronous interaction pattern. Which three are implementations of this pattern? (Choose three.)

A. client-side push

B. client-side pull

C. server-side push

D. server-side pull

E. JMS-based

F. JAXB-based

Answer: BCE

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Down to date 1Z0-862 exam answers:

Q54. Which two statements are true about the SOAP extensibility model? (Choose two.)

A. It has the ability to bind SOAP to multiple protocols.

B. SOAP has evolved in to REST.

C. SOAP is compatible with most browsers.

D. WS-I 1.1 encourages SOAP-encoding because it makes services interoperable.

E. SOAP is XML and therefore extensible.

Answer: AE

Q55. Given:

1. public boolean handleRequest(MessageContext context){

2. try{

3. SOAPMessageContext soapCntxt = (SOAPMessageContext)context;

4. SOAPMessage message = soapCntxt.getMessage();

5. message.writeTo(logStream);

6. }catch(javax.xml.soap.SOAPException se){

7. throw new (se);

8. }

9. }

The handlRequest method (lines 1-9) is implemented by a JAX-WS handler. The logStream is a reference to some type of Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. If the handler is associated with a JAX-WS generated stub, it will write outgoing SOAP messages to the logStream object.

B. If the handler is associated with a JAX-WS generated stub, it will write incoming SOAP messages to the logStream object.

C. If the handler is associated with a JAX-WS service endpoint, it will write outgoing SOAP messages to the logStream object.

D. If the handler is associated with a JAX-WS service endpoint, it will write incoming SOAP messages to the logStream object.

E. It will write all incoming and outgoing SOAP messages to the logStream object.

F. logStreams are NOT Web service friendly.

Answer: AD

Q56. Given:

<message name="sayFOO">

<part name="parameters" element="tns:sayFOO"/>


<message name="sayFOOResponse">

<part name="parameters" element="tns:sayFOOResponse"/>


<message name="UDException">

<part name="fault" element="tns:UDException"/>


<portType name="UserDefinedExceptionWS">

<operation name="sayFOO">

<input message="tns:sayFOO"/>

<output message="tns:sayFOOResponse"/>

<fault name="UDException" message="tns:UDException"/>



Which endpoint method declaration is generated by this service?

A. public String sayFOO(String name){

B. public String sayFOO(String name) throws SOAPFaultException{

C. public String sayFOO(String name) throws RemoteException, UDException{

D. public String sayFOO(String name) throws UDException{

Answer: D

Real 1Z0-862 :

Q57. Given:

10. binding.setValidateURI(false);

11. binding.setAccessURI("");

This JAXR client interacts with a UDDI registry using binding as the JAXR ServiceBinding object. Which statement is true about the code?

A. It is incorrect because setValidateURI cannot accept False as a parameter.

B. It allows the JAXR client to publish an incorrect URL for a service without an error.

C. It is incorrect because the setAccessURI cannot accept a URI with a port number.

D. It allows the JAXR client to redirect requests to an error page in case of an exception.

E. It is supported as written in the basic Java SE 6 API, but not in the Java EE 5 API.

Answer: B

Q58. A developer creates a new utility billing software package and considers the benefits of EJB vs. servlet-based endpoints for upcoming development work. What are two benefits of using servlet-based endpoints? (Choose two.)

A. method-level, declarative access control

B. easier invocation of servlet-based endpoints

C. session aware processing of service requests

D. better support for concurrent service calls

E. container-based, lifecycle management of endpoint instances

F. easier implementation of servlet-based endpoints

Answer: CF

Q59. Given:

1. @WebService(name="LogInventory")

2. public class InventoryReader {

3. @WebMethod(operationName=check?

4. @OneWay

5. public void checkProduct(String name);

6. @WebMethod

7. public void addInventory(

8. @WebParam(name="total") int quantity)

9. throws InventoryException;

10. }

Assume the code is free of gross flaws and syntax errors. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Line 8 specifies that addInventory accepts either a valid total or quantity.

B. Line 1 indicates the portType is LoginInventory.

C. Line 3 shows the method is mapped to the WSDL operation called checkProduct?

D. Line 4 means that a method is not expected to return a value unless requested.

E. Line 6 implies WSDL operation and method name are the same.

Answer: BE

Q60. A company is creating an XML schema that describes various training materials available for purchase by students.Given the namespace aliases and schema that appear in the WSDL file for a document-style Web service:



<xsd:schema targetNamespace="">

<xsd:element name="bookInfo">



<xsd:element name="author" type="xsd:string"/>

<xsd:element name="title" type="xsd:string"/>





Which is a valid message element for this WSDL file?

A. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part name="bookInfo" type="xsd:bookInfo"/>


B. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part name="bookInfo" type="book:bookInfo"/>


C. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part name="bookInfo" element="xsd:bookInfo"/>


D. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part name="bookInfo" element="book:bookInfo"/> </message>

E. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part element="bookInfo" type="xsd:bookInfo"/>


F. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part element="bookInfo" type="book:bookInfo"/> </message>

Answer: D

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