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Q1. Which three options are the minimum browser requirements to log into the Cisco CIMC GUI? (Choose three.) 

A. Java 1.6 or higher 

B. HTTP and HTTPS enabled 

C. Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher 

D. Internet Explorer version 10 

E. Firefox 26.0 

F. Adobe Shockwave Player 11 or higher 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q2. Which three tools are necessary to console into a Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server? (Choose three.) 

A. Cisco DB-9-to-RJ-45 console cable 

B. laptop 

C. monitor 

D. keyboard 

E. KVM dongle 

F. USB serial adapter 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q3. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which Cisco MDS chassis supports the 48-Port 16-Gbps Fibre Channel Switching Module? 

A. MDS 9509 

B. MDS 9513 

C. MDS 9710 

D. MDS 9506 


Q4. Refer to the exhibit. 

Where is the best place to see whether the system is ready for a Fabric Interconnect failover? 

A. A – Overall Status operable 

B. B – L1 Connection 

C. C – Part Details 

D. D – Access 

E. E – High Availability Details 


Q5. Which tool does a network administrator not need when installing hardware? 

A. cable tester 

B. wrench set 

C. cable wraps 

D. needle-nose pliers 

E. PCMCIA memory 

F. soldering iron with grounded tip 


Q6. Which two statements about PCIe are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The PCIe link is built around dedicated unidirectional couples of serial, point-to-point connections known as lanes. 

B. You can install a PCI Express x8 adapter into an x4 slot. 

C. The PCIe standard is a bus-based system in which all the devices share the same bidirectional, 32-bit or 64-bit, parallel signal path. 

D. The PCIe 1.0 standard doubles the transfer rate compared to PCIe 2.0. 

E. A link that is composed of four lanes is called an x4 link. 

Answer: A,E 

Q7. On which three devices can the Host Upgrade Utility be performed? (Choose three.) 

A. C420 

B. C230 

C. B230 

D. B210 

E. C210 

F. B460 

G. C240 

Answer: A,E,G 

Q8. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which item does F represent? 

A. HDD 1 

B. TFP Module 

C. SuperCap Module 

D. CPU 2 

E. CMOS Battery 


Q9. Which device provides analysis of Fibre Channel traffic without any network disruption? 

A. Cisco MDS 9000 Data Analyzer Adapter 

B. Cisco MDS 9000 Port Analyzer Adapter 

C. Cisco MDS 9000 Channel Analyzer Device 

D. Cisco MDS 9000 Channel Analyzer Adapter 


Q10. Which important feature on the front end is provided to the clients by multiple servers that access the same storage devices across the SAN? 

A. recovery 

B. redundancy 

C. resiliency 

D. security 

E. storage