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Q221. ou wish to determine the operating system and type of web server being used. At the same time you wish to arouse no suspicion within the target organization. 

While some of the methods listed below work, which holds the least risk of detection? 

A. Make some phone calls and attempt to retrieve the information using social engineering. 

B. Use nmap in paranoid mode and scan the web server. 

C. Telnet to the web server and issue commands to illicit a response. 

D. Use the netcraft web site look for the target organization’s web site. 

Answer: D

Explanation: Netcraft is providing research data and analysis on many aspects of the Internet. Netcraft has explored the Internet since 1995 and is a respected authority on the market share of web servers, operating systems, hosting providers, ISPs, encrypted transactions, electronic commerce, scripting languages and content technologies on the internet. 

Q222. Which of the following Registry location does a Trojan add entries to make it persistent on Windows 7? (Select 2 answers) 

A. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run 

B. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\System32\\CurrentVersion\\ Run 

C. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\System32\\CurrentVersion\\Run 

D. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run 

Answer: AD

Q223. Which of the following is a patch management utility that scans one or more computers on your network and alerts you if you important Microsoft Security patches are missing. It then provides links that enable those missing patches to be downloaded and installed. 





Answer: A

Explanation: The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) is a tool put out by Microsoft to help analyze security problems in Microsoft Windows. It does this by scanning the system for security problems in Windows, Windows components such as the IIS web server application, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Office. One example of an issue might be that permissions for one of the directories in the wwwroot folder of IIS could be set at too low a level, allowing unwanted modification of files from outsiders. 

Q224. Central Frost Bank was a medium-sized, regional financial institution in New York. The bank recently deployed a new Internet-accessible Web application. Using this application, Central Frost's customers could access their account balances, transfer money between accounts, pay bills and conduct online financial business through a Web browser. John Stevens was in charge of information security at Central Frost Bank. After one month in production, the Internet banking application was the subject of several customer complaints. Mysteriously, the account balances ofmany of Central Frost's customers had been changed! However, moneyhadn't been removed from the bank. Instead, money was transferred between accounts. Given this attack profile, John Stevens reviewed the Web application's logs and found the following entries: 

Attempted login of unknown user: johnm Attempted login of unknown user: susaR Attempted login of unknown user: sencat Attempted login of unknown user: pete''; Attempted login of unknown user: ' or 1=1–Attempted login of unknown user: '; drop table logins–Login of user jason, sessionID= 0x75627578626F6F6B Login of user daniel, sessionID= 0x98627579539E13BE Login of user rebecca, sessionID= 0x9062757944CCB811 Login of user mike, sessionID= 0x9062757935FB5C64 Transfer Funds user jason Pay Bill user mike Logout of user mike 

What type of attack did the Hacker attempt? 

A. Brute force attack in which the Hacker attempted guessing login ID and password from password cracking tools. 

B. The Hacker used a random generator module to pass results to the Web server and exploited Web application CGI vulnerability. 

C. The Hacker attempted SQL Injection technique to gain access to a valid bank login ID. 

D. The Hacker attempted Session hijacking, in which the Hacker opened an account with the bank, then logged in to receive a session ID, guessed the next ID and took over Jason's session. 

Answer: C

Explanation: The 1=1 or drop table logins are attempts at SQL injection. 

Q225. This method is used to determine the Operating system and version running on a remote target system. What is it called? 

A. Service Degradation 

B. OS Fingerprinting 

C. Manual Target System 

D. Identification Scanning 

Answer: B

Q226. Which of the following ICMP message types are used for destinations unreachables? 

A. 0 

B. 3 

C. 11 

D. 13 

E. 17 

Answer: B

Explanation: Type 3 messages are used for unreachable messages. 0 is Echo Reply, 8 is Echo request, 11 is time exceeded, 13 is timestamp and 17 is subnet mask request. Learning these would be advisable for the test. 

Q227. Steven works as a security consultant and frequently performs penetration tests for Fortune 500 companies. Steven runs external and internal tests and then creates reports to show the companies where their weak areas are. Steven always signs a non-disclosure agreement before performing his tests. What would Steven be considered? 

A. Whitehat Hacker 

B. BlackHat Hacker 

C. Grayhat Hacker 

D. Bluehat Hacker 

Answer: A

Explanation: A white hat hacker, also rendered as ethical hacker, is, in the realm of information technology, a person who is ethically opposed to the abuse of computer systems. Realization that the Internet now represents human voices from around the world has made the defense of its integrity an important pastime for many. A white hat generally focuses on securing IT systems, whereas a black hat (the opposite) would like to break into them. 

Q228. Destination unreachable administratively prohibited messages can inform the hacker to what? 

A. That a circuit level proxy has been installed and is filtering traffic 

B. That his/her scans are being blocked by a honeypot or jail 

C. That the packets are being malformed by the scanning software 

D. That a router or other packet-filtering device is blocking traffic 

E. That the network is functioning normally 

Answer: D

Explanation: Destination unreachable administratively prohibited messages are a good way to discover that a router or other low-level packet device is filtering traffic. Analysis of the ICMP message will reveal the IP address of the blocking device and the filtered port. This further adds the to the network map and information being discovered about the network and hosts. 

Q229. What is the purpose of firewalking? 

A. It's a technique used to discover Wireless network on foot 

B. It's a technique used to map routers on a network link 

C. It's a technique used to discover interface in promiscuous mode 

D. It's a technique used to discover what rules are configured on a gateway 

Answer: D

Explanation: Firewalking uses a traceroute-like IP packet analysis to determine whether or not a particular packet can pass from the attacker’s host to a destination host through a packet-filtering device. This technique can be used to map ‘open’ or ‘pass through’ ports on a gateway. More over, it can determine whether packets with various control information can pass through a given gateway. 

Q230. Bob has a good understanding of cryptography, having worked with it for many years. Cryptography is used to secure data from specific threat, but it does not secure the application from coding errors. It can provide data privacy, integrity and enable strong authentication but it cannot mitigate programming errors. 

What is a good example of a programming error that Bob can use to illustrate to the management that encryption will not address all of their security concerns? 

A. Bob can explain that a random generator can be used to derive cryptographic keys but it uses a weak seed value and it is a form of programming error. 

B. Bob can explain that by using passwords to derive cryptographic keys it is a form of a programming error. 

C. Bob can explain that a buffer overflow is an example of programming error and it is a common mistake associated with poor programming technique. 

D. Bob can explain that by using a weak key management technique it is a form of programming error. 

Answer: C

Explanation: A buffer overflow occurs when you write a set of values (usually a string of characters) into a fixed length buffer and write at least one value outside that buffer's boundaries (usually past its end). A buffer overflow can occur when reading input from the user into a buffer, but it can also occur during other kinds of processing in a program. Technically, a buffer overflow is a problem with the program's internal implementation.