[Simulation] 050-720 Novell, Inc test engine 51-60 (Jul 2016)

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2016 Jul 050-720 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. To which process does the process ID 1 always belong?

A. init

B. boot

C. cron

D. X server

E. kernel (vmlinuz)

Answer: A

Q52. You want to secure a POP3 connection to a server that does not support SSL. While you do not have ssh access to the POP3 server itself, you at least have SSH access to a server near the POP3 server. Given the following information:

POP3 server: pop3.digitalairlines.com

SSH server: ssh.digitalairlines.com

Your host: da10.digitalairlines.com

POP3 port: 110

Local port: 11110

Which command will forward connections from the local port 11110 to port 110 of the POP3 server, using a secure tunnel between your host and the SSH server?

A. ssh -L 11110:ssh.digitalairlines.com:110 geeko@pop3.digitalairlines.com

B. ssh -L 110:ssh.digitalairlines.com:11110 geeko@pop3.digitalairlines.com

C. ssh -L 11110:pop3.digitalairlines.com:110 geeko@ssh.digitalairlines.com

D. ssh -L 110:pop3.digitalairlines.com:11110 geeko@ssh.digitalairlines.com

Answer: C

Q53. Using the nice command, what is the highest priority a normal user can assign to a process?

A. -20

B. -19

C. 0

D. 19

E. 20

F. 99

Answer: C

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Up to the immediate present 050-720 exam answers:

Q54. The /backup/snapshot was changed to the /backup/backup_monday.tgz archive. Which command will now write new or modified files below /home?

A. tar -czf -g /backup/snapshot /backup/backup_monday.tgz /home

B. tar -tz -g /backup/snapshot -f /backup/backup_monday.tgz /home

C. tar -cz -g /backup/snapshot -f /backup/backup_monday.tgz /home

D. tar -cz -newer /backup/snapshot -f /backup/backup_monday.tgz /home

Answer: C

Q55. You have a text file that contains empty lines. Using grep and regular expressions, which command displays the file without the empty lines?

A. grep ^$ file

B. grep [\\ ] file

C. grep -v ^$ file

D. grep -v #$ file

Answer: C

Q56. In a terminal window, which command shows you the groups you are a member of?

A. id

B. gid

C. who

D. whoami

Answer: A

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Actual 050-720 keys:

Q57. Which commands can be used if you do not find the desired information in a manual page, or find no manual page at all for a program?

A. sos program

B. info program

C. help program

D. wiki program

Answer: B

Q58. You wonder which installed RPM package the /etc/exports file belongs to. Which command will give you the desired information?

A. rpm -f /etc/exports

B. rpm -qf /etc/exports

C. rpm -ql /etc/exports

D. rpm –provides /etc/exports

Answer: B

Q59. Which command can you use to create a Reiser file system on the sda6 partition? (Choose 2.)

A. mkreiserfs /dev/sda6

B. fdisk.reiserfs /dev/sda6

C. make.reiserfs /dev/sda6

D. fdisk -t reiserfs /dev/sda6

E. mkfs -t reiserfs /dev/sda6

Answer: AE

Q60. Routes to the directly connected network are automatically set up when a device is started. All other routes are saved in which configuration file?

A. /etc/route

B. /etc/routes

C. /etc/routes.conf

D. /etc/network/routes

E. /etc/sysconfig/routes

F. /etc/sysconfig/network/routes

Answer: F

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