ST0-172 resource(51 to 60) for customers: Jun 2016 Edition

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2016 Jun ST0-172 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. By default, how long will a failed restore job remain in an Incomplete state prior to being moved to a Done state? 

A. one day 

B. three days 

C. seven days 

D. until the administrator cancels the restore job 

Answer: C

Q52. How does a Symantec NetBackup administrator determine which Storage Lifecycle Policies image copies are incomplete? 

A. nbstl 

B. nbslputil 

C. nbstlilist 

D. nbstlutil 

Answer: D

Q53. A company expanded the Symantec NetBackup 7.5 environment by adding a new media server. What is the fastest way to update several hundred Symantec NetBackup clients with the new media server information? 

A. run the update_all_clients script 

B. run the add_media_server_on_clients script 

C. run the install_bp script 

D. run the install_client_files script 

Answer: B

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Q54. Which command can be used to determine the AdvancedDisk disk volume state? 

A. vmpool 

B. nbdevquery 

C. nbdevconfig 

D. vmoprcmd 

Answer: B

Q55. An administrator configures STU-A with the “ON Demand Only” option. 

When will backups write to this straight unit? 

A. When the any available storage unit is selected in the policy. 

B. When all other storage unites are unavailable. 

C. When the policy specifies STU-A as an attribute 

D. When the storage unit specified in the policy is full or unavailable. 

Answer: B

Q56. Auto Image Replication is being used to replicate New York backups to London. The New York backups have completed. What is the next step? 

A. image duplicated to London using a storage lifecycle policy to a Disk Staging Storage Unit 

B. image duplicated to London using a Disk Staging Storage Unit 

C. image duplicated to London using a storage lifecycle policy to a media server deduplication pool 

D. image duplicated to London using Symantec NetBackup Vault to tape 

Answer: C

Certified ST0-172 lab:

Q57. A backup job exits with "Status Code 1: the requested operation was partially successful". Which resource will provide useful information on the specific cause of this issue? 

A. the All Log Entries report 

B. the Client Backups report 

C. the bptm log on the media server involved in the backup job 

D. the bpcd log on the client system for the job 

Answer: A

Q58. Refer to the exhibit. 

A backup is about to run, which is being sent to the "servers" volume pool, with a retention level of 

1. The host properties displayed below have been enabled. allow multiple retentions per media allow backups to span tape media allow media overwrite: ANSI, CPIO, DBR Which tape would Symantec NetBackup 7.5 use for the backup if tape T00306 is unavailable? 

A. T00301 

B. T00303 

C. T00305 

D. T00308 

E. T00309 

Answer: C

Q59. Which type of NDMP backup can be performed in Symantec NetBackup 7.5? 

A. direct NFS backup 

B. 2-way backup 

C. local backup 

D. network remote backup 

Answer: C

Q60. An administrator needs a report that displays all images written to both disk and tape for a particular client. Which command should be run to display the report? 

A. bplist -all 

B. bpimmedia -U 

C. bpimagelist -U 

D. bpstulist -all 

Answer: B

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