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Q1. Which statement is true of the Cloudant NoSQL service? 

A. It prioritizes space savings over availability. 

B. It prioritizes immediate consistency over availability. 

C. It prioritizes availability over immediate consistency. 

D. It prioritizes immediate consistency over performance. 



Q2. When a Node.js application is configured for IBM Bluemix Live Sync Debug mode, opening the url https://<app-host> shows: 

What will occur when the Restart button is selected? 

A. Redeploy and restart the application. 

B. Restart without redeploying application. 

C. Restart the managed services and not the application. 

D. Recycle the application memory and jump to the current breakpoint. 


Q3. Which two actions can be performed using IBM DataWorks Forge? (Select two.) 

A. create a new SQL database 

B. join data from multiple tables 

C. assess quality of sample data 

D. generate large sample datasets 

E. perform bulk updates to tables using natural language 

Answer: B,C 

Q4. A developer is going into production with aconsumerweb application in IBM Bluemix PaaS. The developer is keen to understand how the application is performing to maximize customer retention. 

The scaling history for the application shows repetitive scale out and scale in actions. To reduce resources used by each instance startup, the developer wants the scaling service to wait longer before taking action. What parameter should be changed and how? 

A. increase the cooldown period for scaling in 

B. decrease the cooldown period for scaling in 

C. increase the cooldown period for scaling out 

D. decrease the cooldown period for scaling out 


Q5. In a hierarchical organization of related work items in the Track and Plan feature of IBM Bluemix DevOps Services, which type of work item would be at the top? 

A. Epic 

B. Task 

C. Story 

D. Detect 


Q6. Where are objects such as images, audio and video files stored inIBM Object Storage? 

A. Group 

B. Folder 

C. Bucket 

D. Container 




Q7. What are the two key elements defined in an Organization inIBMBluemix PaaS?(Select two.) 

A. Cities 

B. Users 

C. Routers 

D. Spaces E Regions 

Answer: B,D 


Organizations and spaces are organizational units in the infrastructure that can store and track application resources. An organization contains domains, spaces, and users. A space contains applications and services. The default spaces are Development, Production, and Staging. 


Q8. Which component is responsible for managing the deployment of an application running in IBM Bluemix PaaS? 

A. Router 

B. Load Balancer 

C. Health Manager 

D. Cloud Controller 


Q9. After selecting All Documents in a Cloudant database using the Cloudant Dashboard, what is the result of selecting Include Docs in the Query Options and clicking Query as shown in the image? 

A. A search index would be created for all the documents to make the query run faster. 

B. All fields from each document will be shown in the display. 

C. An error indicating an illegal operation is displayed because this option cannot be used unless a key range is specified. 

D. The summary is replaced with a link to download the entire contents of all documents. 


Q10. A team of developers is working on a single repository in IBM Bluemix DevOps Services. Which DevOps feature should be used to confirm the integrity of their source code by running tests every time code is delivered to the shared repository? 

A. Source Control: Test code upon commit 

B. Web IDE: Enable Automatic Unit Testing 

C. Delivery Pipeline: Configure a build stage 

D. Track & Plan: Create a Work Item of type Test 


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