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Q41. A company wants to make sure that users are required to authenticate prior to being allowed on the network. Which of the following is the BEST way to accomplish this? 

A. 802.1x 

B. 802.1p 

C. Single sign-on 

D. Kerberos 


Q42. Which of the following is an example of an IPv4 address? 

A. 192:168:1:55 


C. 00:AB:FA:B1:07:34 

D. ::1 


Q43. A company has implemented the capability to send all log files to a central location by utilizing an encrypted channel. The log files are sent to this location in order to be reviewed. A recent exploit has caused the company's encryption to become unsecure. Which of the following would be required to resolve the exploit? 

A. Utilize a FTP service 

B. Install recommended updates 

C. Send all log files through SMTP 

D. Configure the firewall to block port 22 


Q44. A technician needs to install software onto company laptops to protect local running services, from external threats. Which of the following should the technician install and configure on the laptops if the threat is network based? 

A. A cloud-based antivirus system with a heuristic and signature based engine 

B. A network based firewall which blocks all inbound communication 

C. A host-based firewall which allows all outbound communication 

D. A HIDS to inspect both inbound and outbound network communication 


Q45. A technician would like to track the improvement of the network infrastructure after upgrades. Which of the following should the technician implement to have an accurate comparison? 

A. Regression test 

B. Speed test 

C. Baseline 

D. Statement of work 


Q46. A wireless network technician for a local retail store is installing encrypted access points within the store for real-time inventory verification, as well as remote price checking capabilities, while employees are away from the registers. The store is in a fully occupied strip mall that has multiple neighbors allowing guest access to the wireless networks. There are a finite known number of approved handheld devices needing to access the store's wireless network. Which of the following is the BEST security method to implement on the access points? 

A. Port forwarding 

B. MAC filtering 




Q47. A SQL server needs several terabytes of disk space available to do an uncompressed backup of a database. Which of the following devices would be the MOST cost efficient to use for this backup? 




D. USB flash drive 


Q48. Which of the following describes a smurf attack? 

A. Attack on a target using spoofed ICMP packets to flood it 

B. Intercepting traffic intended for a target and redirecting it to another 

C. Spoofed VLAN tags used to bypass authentication 

D. Forging tags to bypass QoS policies in order to steal bandwidth 


Q49. A network engineer is troubleshooting an issue with a computer that is unable to connect to the Internet. The network engineer analyzes the following output from a command line utility: 

Network DestinationNetmask Gateway Interface eth0 eth0 On-Link lo On-Link lo eth0 

Which of the following is the reason for the computer issue, given the above output? 

A. Wrong default gateway netmask 

B. Incorrect default gateway address 

C. Default gateway on the wrong interface 

D. Missing default gateway 


Q50. A company has decided to update their usage policy to allow employees to surf the web unrestricted from their work computers. Which of the following actions should the IT security team implement to help protect the network from attack as a result of this new policy? 

A. Install host-based anti-malware software 

B. Implement MAC filtering on all wireless access points 

C. Add an implicit deny to the core router ACL 

D. Block port 80 outbound on the company firewall 

E. Require users to utilize two-factor authentication