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Q131. What are two characteristics of Cisco Global Site Selector? (Choose two.) 

A. It helps verify end-to-end path availability. 

B. It provides traffic rerouting in case of disaster. 

C. HSRP, GLBP, and VRRP can be clients of GSS. 

D. BGP must be the routing protocol between the distributed data centers. 

E. DNS responsiveness is improved by providing centralized domain management. 

Answer: B,E 

Q132. Which VPN technology is tunnel-less? 




D. IPsec VPN 


Q133. An organization is designing the IP allocation of a new site. It currently has 12 separate IP 

segments. Each segment must be /24, accommodate 25% of growth, and be easily summarized. 

Which summarized IP block can be subnetted to meet these requirements? 

A. /18 

B. /19 

C. /20 

D. /21 


Q134. A network team must provide a redundant secure connection between two entities using OSPF. The primary connection will be an Ethernet Private Line and the secondary connection will be a site-to-site VPN. What needs to be configured in order to support routing requirements for over the VPN connection? 

A. GRE Tunnel 


C. Root Certificate 

D. AAA Server 


Q135. Which three options are basic design principles of the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series for data center virtualization? (Choose three.) 

A. easy management 

B. infrastructure scalability 

C. cost minimization 

D. upgrade of technology 

E. transport flexibility 

F. operational continuity 

Answer: B,E,F 

Q136. Which four primary attributes define a WAN service? (Choose four.) 

A. bandwidth 

B. bursting capacity 

C. memory 


E. QoS classes and policies 

F. latency 

G. multicast support 

Answer: A,B,E,G 

Q137. Refer to the exhibit. 

A network engineer manually reconfigures the BGP configuration on newly upgraded router R1. However, the BGP neighbor relationship does not come up with the directly connected neighbor router. What is causing the failure of the BGP neighbor relationship between routers R1 and R2? 

A. An incorrect neighbor IP address for router R2 is configured on router R1. 

B. An incorrect neighbor AS number is configured on router R1 for router R2. 

C. The wrong BGP authentication password is configured on router R1. 

D. Router R1 must configure the R2 loopback address as the neighbor IP address. 


Q138. In which.OSI layer does.IS-IS operate? 

A. Layer 1 

B. Layer 2 

C. Layer 3 

D. Layer 4 


Q139. Which three options are recommended practices when configuring VTP? (Choose three.) 

A. Set the switch to transparent mode. 

B. Set the switch to server mode. 

C. Enable VLAN pruning. 

D. Disable VLAN pruning. 

E. Specify a domain name. 

F. Clear the domain name. 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q140. Which two options improve BGP scalability in a large autonomous system? (Choose two.) 

A. route reflectors 

B. route redistribution 

C. confederations 

D. communities 

Answer: A,C