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Exam Name: AWS Certified Developer Associate
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Q31. What kind of service is provided by AWS DynamoDB?

A. Relational Database

B. NoSQL Database

C. Dynamic Database

D. Document Database 

Answer: B


DynamoDB is a fast, fully managed NoSQL database service. Reference:

Q32. An orgAMzation has hosted an application on the EC2 instances. There will be multiple users connecting to the instance for setup and configuration of application. The orgAMzation is planning to implement certain security best practices. Which of the below mentioned pointers will not help the orgAMzation achieve better security arrangement?

A. Apply the latest patch of OS and always keep it updated.

B. Allow only IAM users to connect with the EC2 instances with their own secret access key.

C. Disable the password based login for all the users. All the users should use their own keys to connect with the instance securely.

D. Create a procedure to revoke the access rights of the indMdual user when they are not required to connect to EC2 instance anymore for the purpose of application configuration.



Since AWS is a public cloud any application hosted on EC2 is prone to hacker attacks. It becomes extremely important for a user to setup a proper security mechAMsm on the EC2 instances. A few of the security measures are listed below:

Always keep the OS updated with the latest patch

Always create separate users with in OS if they need to connect with the EC2 instances, create their keys and disable their password

Create a procedure using which the admin can revoke the access of the user when the business work on the EC2 instance is completed

Lock down unnecessary ports

Audit any proprietary applications that the user may be running on the EC2 instance

Provide temporary escalated prMleges, such as sudo for users who need to perform occasional prMleged tasks

The IAM is useful when users are required to work with AWS resources and actions, such as launching an instance. It is not useful to connect (RDP / SSH) with an instance.


Q33. A user is trying to find the state of an S3 bucket with respect to versioning. Which of the below mentioned states AWS will not return when queried?

A. versioning-enabled

B. versioning-suspended

C. unversioned

D. versioned 

Answer: D


S3 buckets can be in one of the three states: unversioned (the default), versioning-enabled or versioning-suspended. The bucket owner can configure the versioning state of a bucket. The versioning state applies to all (never some) of the objects in that bucket. The first time owner enables a bucket for versioning, objects in it are thereafter always versioned and given a unique version ID.


Q34. A user is running a webserver on EC2. The user wants to receive the SMS when the EC2 instance utilization is above the threshold limit. Which AWS services should the user configure in this case?

A. AWS CIoudWatch + AWS SES.

B. AWS CIoudWatch + AWS SNS.

C. AWS CIoudWatch + AWS SQS.

D. AWS EC2 + AWS Cloudwatch. 

Answer: B


Amazon SNS makes it simple and cost-effective to push to mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and internet connected smart devices, as well as pushing to other distributed services. In this case, the user can configure that Cloudwatch sends an alarm on when the threshold is crossed to SNS which will trigger an SMS.


Q35. A user is trying to create a list of IAM users with the AWS console. When the IAM users are created which of the below mentioned credentials will be enabled by default for the user?

A. IAM access key and secret access key

B. IAM X.509 certificates

C. Nothing. Everything is disabled by default

D. IAM passwords 

Answer: C


Newly created IAM users have no password and no access key (access key ID and secret access key). If the user needs to administer your AWS resources using the AWS Management Console, you can create

a password for the user. If the user needs to interact with AWS programmatically (using the command line interface (CLI), the AWS SDK, or service-specific APIs), you can create an access key for that user. The credentials you create for users are what they use to uniquely identify themselves to AWS.


Q36. How many types of block devices does Amazon EC2 support?

A. 5

B. 1

C. 2

D. 4



Amazon EC2 supports 2 types of block devices. Reference:

Q37. Regarding Amazon SNS, to begin using Amazon SNS mobile push notifications, you first need that uses one of the supported push notification services: APNS, GCM, or ADM.

A. an access policy for the mobile endpoints

B. to active push notification service of Amazon SNS

C. to know the type of mobile device operating system

D. an app for the mobile endpoints 

Answer: D


In Amazon SNS, to begin using Amazon SNS mobile push notifications, you first need an app for the mobile endpoints that uses one of the supported push notification services: APNS, GCM, or ADM. After you've registered and configured the app to use one of these services, you configure Amazon SNS to send push notifications to the mobile endpoints.


Q38. An orgAMzation has 20 employees. The orgAMzation wants to give all the users access to the orgAMzation AWS account. Which of the below mentioned options is the right solution?

A. Share the root credentials with all the users

B. Create an IAM user for each employee and provide access to them

C. It is not advisable to give AWS access to so many users

D. Use the IAM role to allow access based on STS 

Answer: B


AWS Identity and Access Management is a web service that enables the AWS customers to manage  users and user permissions in AWS. The IAM is targeted at orgAMzations with multiple users or systems that use AWS products such as Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and the AWS Management Console. With IAM, the orgAMzaiton can centrally manage users, security credentials such as access keys, and permissions that control which AWS resources users can access.


Q39. A user is launching an AWS RDS instance with MySQL. The user wants to enable the Nlulti AZ feature. Which of the below mentioned parameters will not be allowed to configure by RDS?

A. Availability Zone

B. Region

C. DB subnet group

D. Database port 

Answer: A


If the user is launching RDS with Multi AZ the user cannot provision the Availability Zone. RDS is launched automatically instead


Q40. When using Amazon SQS how much data can you store in a message?

A. 8 KB

B. 2 KB

C. 16 KB

D. 4 KB



With Amazon SQS version 2008-01-01, the maximum message size for both SOAP and Query requests is 8KB.

If you need to send messages to the queue that are larger than 8 KB, AWS recommends that you split the information into separate messages. Alternatively, you could use Amazon S3 or Amazon Simp|eDB to hold the information and include the pointer to that information in the Amazon SQS message.

If you send a message that is larger than 8KB to the queue, you will receive a MessageTooLong error with HTTP code 400.