The Improved Guide To HP0-S42 braindump Sep 2016

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2016 Sep HP0-S42 Study Guide Questions:

Q81. A customer requires an HPC solution. Which DDR3 RDIMM memory scenario best fits this solution? 

A. Maximum capacity 

B. Lowest power consumption 

C. Lowest cost 

D. Maximum performance 

Answer: B 


Q82. Which HP Insight Control integration modules are available? (Select two) 

A. HP Insight Control for Red Hat and SUSE Linux 

B. HP Insight Control for Microsoft System Center 

C. HP Insight Control for VMware Xen manager 

D. HP Insight Control for HP-UX 

Answer: B,C 

Reference: (Overview, second paragraph) 

Q83. A customer has been adding processors, systems with larger memory, I/O accelerators, and SmartCache. Which key HP design principle is this customer implementing? 

A. software defined management 

B. server virtualization 

C. converged infrastructure 

D. workload optimization 

Answer: C 

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Q84. A customer is asking you to evaluate virtualization and consolidation of their current infrastructure. You know they are running different operating systems’ versions. How can you validate that the operating systems currently in use are supported on Gen9 server? 

A. HP ProLiant Web 

B. HP Enterprise Configurator 

C. HP Systems Selling Guide 

D. HP Operating Systems and Virtualization Server Metrics 

Answer: B 

Q85. Your customer is evaluating server infrastructure provider offerings. What is a source for gathering competitor information? 

A. HP Product Bulletin 

B. HP Proposal Web 

C. The Real Story HP Enterprise Business Solutions 

D. HP Systems Selling Guide 

Answer: C 


Q86. Which technology advantage does HP Qualified Memory in HP ProLiant Gen9 servers provide compared to standard memory? 

A. Pre-failure alerts 

B. Advanced ECC 

C. Memory error logging 

D. Enhanced performance 

Answer: D

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Q87. A customer needs to manage the relationship between their physical and virtual infrastructure. Which HP feature should you recommend to integrate with customer’s current vSphere Web Client managed environment? 

A. HP Insight Control 

B. HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager 

C. HP Virtual Machine Manager 

D. HP OneView for vCenter 

Answer: B 

Q88. A user has been authorized on the Limited Rights default HP SIM toolbox. Which action is this user able to perform? 

A. Set up new user authorizations 

B. Run HP SIM reports 

C. Display performance monitoring metrics 

D. Reboot default managed systems 

Answer: B 

Q89. Which HP management tool does this graphic show? 

A. HP Insight Control Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM). 

B. HP Insight Dynamics – Virtual Server Environment (VSE). 

C. HP Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU). 

D. HP Insight Data Center Smart Grid (DC Smart Grid). 

Answer: C 

Q90. A server in the computer room has a 2.5” 146GB hot-pluggable SAS disk with flashing LEDs. 

It has a green LED that is flashing intermittently and an amber LED flashing at a regular interval 

(1Hz). What does the status of these LEDs indicate? 

A. The drive is active, but a predictive failure alert was received for this drive. Replace the drive as soon as possible. 

B. The drive is active, and it is operating normally. 

C. A critical fault condition was identified for this drive, and the controller placed it offline. Replace the drive as soon as possible. 

D. The drive is offline, a spare, or not configured as part of an array 

Answer: A 

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