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How is access to data controlled through reports?

Answer: The information you see in reports is the data that you can access.This includes records you own, records to which you have read or read/write access, records that have been shared with you, recordsowned by or shared with users in roles below you in the hierarchy,and records for which you have “Read” permissions.

Q122. Who is most interested in ease of use, value, and time-saving solutions?

A. Sales Reps

B. Sales/Marketing Managers

C. Sales/MarketingVP


Answer: A

Q123. Arrange the steps to create a record in the correct order (using Salesforce Classic).

A. Select Save from the menu

B. Open the recordsin the list view or highlight the object tab

C. Open the menu and select New

D. Enter the record details in the specified fields

Answer: ABCD

Q124. How can end users work with Salesforce for Outlook? (Select all that apply)

A. Define Outlook configurations

B. Assign configurations tootheir users with their profile

C. Install Salesforce forOutlook

D. Select Outlook sync folders

Answer: CD

Q125. 2 lines of business LOB, each with custom opportunity stages & record types – choose 2 answers

A. Users able to see all stages in listview filter drop downs

B. Users able to see all stages in report filterdrop downs

Answer: A,B

Q126. Match the following loading option to the description of when to useit. "Integration"

A. Brian wants to consolidate all his accounts from several systems.

B. Bill wants to load 20,000 lead records.

C. Beckywants to load all her 65,000 contact records.

D. Bob wants to loada single account record.

E. Berta wants to keep a separate systemas her "system of record"

Answer: E

Q127. Match this tip with its design consideration. "Use the client's language"

A. Tab and field naming

B. Reduced clicks

C. Search

D. Record types and page layouts

E. Workflow rules and approvals

F. Minimizedredundant data entry

Answer: A


How can you search foraChatterGroup?

Answer: Use Global Search or use the search tools on the Groups tab.

Q129. A strong pipeline requires greater visibility. Which of the following example describes a need for greater visibility?

A. Leads are qualified but not routed to the right people

B. Campaigns are launched without communicating the follow-up plan

C. Leads are tracked in separate systems, not accessible by all

D. As business matures, it becomes difficult to identify right prospects

Answer: C


What are the three steps to set up Google AdWords to work with Salesforce?

Answer: 1. Advertise your business on Google

2. Capture leads on your website

3. Convert leads to new customers