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2016 Oct 1Z0-430 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. Your client is developing page templates and pages for their portal using primarily Portal Builder. During the process of building this Portal, the client uses Portal Builder and JDeveloper. 

Identify the initial step required to perform this round-trip development. 

A. Choose the “Save Portal” option in the Portal Administration page. 

B. Export the WebCenter Portal’s database schema. 

C. Choose “Export” from the portal assets page in the Portal Builder page and save the portal asset to an archive. 

D. Connect JDeveloper to the Portal server and edit the asset online. 

Answer: B 

Reference: m 

Q22. What component should you use to display recent blog posts in a Portal? 

A. Recent Documents 

B. Recent Posts 

C. Lists 

D. Blog Viewer 

Answer: B 


Q23. A client has a requirement to integrate BI Reports from BI Dashboard with WebCenter Portal. However, when a user clicks the BI server connection in the Portal’s Resource Catalog, he or she is unable to see any reports from BI Publisher. But when a user clicks the BI server connection in the WC, he or she is unable to see any reports from BI Publisher. 

What is the reason for this? 

A. You need to import the BI Publisher connection into WebCenter Portal. 

B. The user does not have permissions to view BI Catalog on BI Publisher. 

C. The user needs to have the permission on the BI Publisher connection in WebCenter Portal. 

D. The user needs to have the permission on BI Task Flows. 

Answer: D 

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Q24. You have to deploy a WSRP producer application for High Availability. 

Why should you add this setting to the weblogic.xml file? 





A. to enable support for replicating HTTP session state 

B. to enable ADF Controller to track changes to ADF memory scopes and replicate the page flow scope and view scope within the server cluster 

C. to enable ADF Business Components failover 

D. to enable ADF object replication 

Answer: C 

Q25. Which two portal/shared assets show up on a portal page when it is being viewed? 

A. Page templates show up because they are the building blocks of a page. 

B. Navigation model shows up on a page as links, and any such visualizations 

C. Resource Catalog shows up indicating all the items that can be added to the page. 

D. Data Controls 

Answer: B,C 


Q26. What are the three ways to export Portal from a source environment A and import it to the target environment B? 

A. Create a portal library jar file from Portal Builder Admin and export it from environment A and import it in environment B. 

B. Create a portal library zip file from Portal Builder and export it from environment A and import it in environment B. 

C. Create a par file from Portal Builder and export it from environment A and import it in environment B. 

D. Use WLST exportWebCenterPortals and importWebCenterPortals commands to export and import archives. 

E. Use WLST propagateWebCenterPortals and deployWebCenterPortal after having established a direct connection between A and B. 

Answer: A,C,D

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Q27. What technology is used for writing Content Presenter display templates? 




D. JavaScript 

Answer: B 


Q28. Which two options correctly describe how you can add Oracle BPM task flows to a portal page? 

A. You can add BPM task flows to any page if the portal contains BPM task flows in its resource catalog. 

B. You can add BPM task flows to the pages of a Process Space that was created by extending the domain with the Process Spaces domain extension templates. 

C. You can add BPM task flows to any page that you have customized to include BPM attributes. 

D. You can add BPM task flows to any page in a portal, if the portal server is installed in a SOA domain. 

Answer: B,C 

Q29. WebCenter Portal supports any mail server with IMAP4 and SMTP protocol support. 

Which server distribution, however, has specific integration support within WebCenter Portal? 

A. IBM Lotus Notes 

B. MS Exchange 

C. UNIX Mail Server 

D. Google Mail Server 

E. Oracle Beehive 

Answer: E 

Q30. What three configurations have to be done to ensure that a portal can correctly display content from WebCenter Content server? 

A. OHS (Oracle HTTP Server) configured to front end both WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content 

B. WebCenter Portal and Content running on the same server 

C. an SSO (Single Sign-On) solution configured between WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content 

D. web context root set on the content repository connection 

E. WebCenter Portal and Content configured in the same WebLogic server domain 

Answer: B,C,E 

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