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2016 Oct 1Z0-864 Study Guide Questions:

Q121. A travel company wants its application to reflect asynchronously any changes that any client might have made to information common to all clients. For example, if two clients are both viewing the same seat, when it is booked, both clients see the updated status of the seat as booked. The company is considering whether to implement the presentation using a Java Swing thick client, or a web-based client using JSP or Ajax. In which option are these technologies shown in order from best response time to worst response time?

A. Swing thick client > web-based JSP > web-based Ajax

B. web-based JSP > web-based Ajax > Swing thick client

C. web-based JSP > Swing thick client > web-based Ajax

D. Swing thick client > web-based Ajax > web-based JSP

E. web-based Ajax > Swing thick client > web-based JSP

Answer: D

Q122. What are the three primary roles in a web service interaction? (Choose three.)

A. Broker

B. Facade

C. Provider

D. Decorator

E. Requestor

F. Interceptor

Answer: ACE

Q123. What results directly from failure of input validation?

A. SQL injection

B. forced browsing

C. session hijacking

D. insecure direct object reference

Answer: A

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Q124. You are the architect on a project developing a web site to give fashion advice to teenagers. The content on the site is largely static, but there is a small amount of per-user customization. The actual content, including the style and layout of the site, changes often to ensure a fresh look. Many graphic designers work on the site for short periods of time. The underlying content management software does not change often and the web site runs in an environment with reasonable security in place. What is your primary architectural concern?

A. Deploying the entire web site as JSPs so the content is easier to manage

B. Designing a multi-tier, service-oriented architecture to handle fail-over and ensure high availability

C. Designing a template-based solution to ensure that static content is separated from dynamic content

D. Deploying a DMZ, a secure database, and an encrypted JDBC driver to ensure that user data is protected

Answer: C

Q125. A relational data model has three tables (Customer, Address, and Purchase). You are comparing modeling these tables with CMP entity beans and JPA using an ORM tool. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. The JPA version contains fewer classes and interfaces.

B. The CMP version contains fewer classes and interfaces.

C. The JPA entity classes can be instantiated with the "new" statement.

D. In JPA entity classes, data are accessed using abstract getter methods.

E. Both CMP entity beans and JPA entity classes can be directly used as DAO classes.

Answer: AC

Q126. A company is replacing its aging IT infrastructure, but it does not have the resources to replace all the legacy systems at once. There are many different mainframe applications, client-server applications, and standalone programs that need to be integrated. Which API is best for creating a new scalable and secure SOA?






Answer: E

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Q127. An application needs to invoke a service on a remote system over a low latency connection, and then wait for a response. Which two are best for this type of invocation? (Choose two.)

A. JMS topic

B. JMS queue

C. RMI over IIOP

D. synchronous web service

E. asynchronous web service

Answer: CD

Q128. Which two provide data binding between the HTTP request parameters and a server-side Java object? (Choose two.)

A. JavaServer Pages with the <jsp:setProperty> standard tag

B. JavaServer Faces with expressions of the form ${}

C. JavaServer Faces with expressions of the form #{}

D. JavaServer Pages with expressions of the form #{}

E. JavaServer Pages with expressions of the form ${}

Answer: AC

Q129. You are architecting the layers for a complex n-tier web application. Which two pairs of technologies do NOT exhibit direct dependencies? (Choose two.)


B. Linux to JDBC

C. HTML to Firefox

D. Tomcat to Servlets

E. SunFire E20k server to Java EE

Answer: BE

Q130. What describes the design relationship between session beans and entity beans?

A. Aggregation

B. Separation of concerns

C. Common reuse principle

D. Liskov substitution principle

E. Interface segregation principle

Answer: B

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