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2016 Oct 210-455 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. A Nexus 1000v is installed with the VSM in a switching module and the VEM in a cloud environment. Which statement is incorrect about the VSM and VEM? 

A. VLANs can be shared with multiple VSM installations. 

B. VSM module requires three interfaces such as management, control and packet. 

C. VSM L3 mode uses IP address to communicate with VEM. 

D. SVS domain ID can be same with multiple VSM installations. 

Answer: B 

Q32. A user is tracking an order that was placed through Cisco Prime Service Catalog but was not authorized. Which option describes the status of the order? 

A. denied 

B. canceled 

C. rejected 

D. blocked 

E. closed 

Answer: B 

Q33. An administrator wants to customize the alert thresholds in Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Which section under system settings is used to perform this customization? 

A. PI Alarms and Events 

B. Configuration 

C. PI Event Configuration 

D. SNMP Configuration 

Answer: C 

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Q34. The cloud administrator for an enterprise organization must ensure that each department cannot use more resources than those that have been financially approved. Which.feature, available in the Cisco UCS Director chargeback module, can accomplish this task? 

A. Cost Models 

B. Budget Policy 

C. Quota Models 

D. Group Policy 

Answer: B 

Q35. A cloud administrator of an enterprise organization needs to relocate a single VM workload from one host to another host while the workload continues to run. Where within Cisco UCS Director does the administrator navigate to accomplish this task? 

A. Migrate VM task 

B. Move VM to VDC task 

C. Move VM task 

D. Migrate VM Workflow task 

Answer: A 

Q36. Which statement about NTP is true? 

A. NTP protocol uses tcp port 53. 

B. NTP protocol uses udp port 123. 

C. NTP protocol uses udp port 80. 

D. NTP protocol uses http port 8080. 

Answer: B

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Q37. Which two options are required for SNMP trap-type notification? (Choose two.) 

A. SNMP Trap Source 

B. SNMP group source 

C. SNMP version 

D. SNMP trap groups 

E. SNMP Community 

Answer: A,E 

Q38. A cloud administrator is deploying a web application in the private cloud of an enterprise organization. It consists of an application and database servers. Upon deployment, the cloud administrator notices that the application cannot be accessed from the Internet. The administrator investigates and discovers that the issue resides within the outside IP of the Cisco VSG. 

Where should the administrator go to fix the configuration problem? 

A. Application Container Settings 

B. Application Container Templates 

C. Application Container Policy 

D. Application Container Properties 

Answer: B 

Q39. A cloud administrator for an enterprise organization is asked to change the DNS settings of the Cisco UCS Director appliance to reflect newly created DNS servers for the infrastructure. In which two ways can the cloud administrator accomplish the task without affecting users? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure the network interface in shell admin. 

B. Reboot the appliance and log into the console to change network interface. 

C. Run the Initial System Configuration Wizard. 

D. Log into the portal and configure a DNS policy. 

E. Add a new NIC to the appliance and assign the appropriate setting. 

Answer: A,C 

Q40. Which four statuses are assigned to the delivery process in Cisco Prime Service Catalog? (Choose four.) 


B. approximate 

C. estimated 

D. completed 

E. pending 

F. on-hold 

G. reviewing 

H. accepted 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

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