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Q31. In order to fulfill the requirement to prevent the creation of end-to-end loops across a multihomed OTV network that connects two different data centers, what is the solution to this problem? 

A. prioritize the transmission of STP BPDUs across the overlay 

B. design the DCI connectivity as a hub and spoke 

C. define a conservative TTL for all packets traversing the OTV network 

D. enable AED on a per-VLAN basis between each OTV edge device with the same site ID 


Q32. Which tools can assist in the troubleshooting of FC-0 issues? (Choose three.) 

A. FC analyzer 


C. Device Manager 

D. show interface fc1/1 optical-power-budget 


F. a portable protocol analyzer 

Answer: ACF 

Q33. Which statement is true regarding the port channel 100 and 101 configurations between the Nexus 7010 switches? 

A. The vPC assignments on N7010-C2 are incorrectly swapped 

B. N7010-C1 is not allowing any active VLAN traffic to pass on Po100 and Po101. 

C. LACP is not configured to initiate negotiations. 

D. The vPC peer-keepalive is down between the two Nexus 7000 switches. 



The vPC assignments on N7010-C2 are incorrectly swapped.

The “show vpc” command will show you that the keepalives are active, and that there areactive VLANs. The “show port-channel summary” command shows that LACP is enabled.

Q34. A customer is troubleshooting FCoE in its network and sees pause counters increasing when it runs the command show interface eth1/5. What is the cause of this? 

A. The CNA connected to the switch is sending Xon or Xoff PFC frames. 

B. The HBA connected to the switch is sending Xon or Xoff PFC frames. 

C. Pause counters increase regularly; there is nothing to be concerned about. 

D. A firmware upgrade on the Fibre Channel adapter that is connected to the switch will fix this issue. 


Q35. Fibre Channel traffic on VSAN 12 between N5K2 and MDS9124-2 is degraded. Which statement explains the cause of this degradation? 

A. Performance is decreased by half due to the incorrect port type being used. 

B. The load-balancing scheme for VSAN 12 should be src-id/dst-id. 

C. B2B credits on N5K2 should be increased to 128. 

D. A VSAN port channel must be configured between N5K2 and MDS9124-2. 


Q36. Refer to the exhibit. 

During a VSAN outage, you come across this configuration. Please select two possible causes? (Choose two) 

A. no common VSANs on both switches 

B. no common trunks 

C. no common VSAN members in the same trunk 

D. VSANs in trunk are the same, but the trunk is not up 

Answer: AC 

Q37. The installation of a new OTV network connecting two data centers via a service provider LAN has failed verification steps. Which statement explains why certain types of data are not being successfully transferred across the OTV network? 

A. The number of extended VLANs across all configured overlays may be greater than 256. 

B. The number of MAC addresses on either edge device may exceed 4000. 

C. The additional 42-byte OTV overhead, along with the DF bit being set, may cause the service provider to drop packets based on their 1500 MTU settings. 

D. Having more than two edge devices per site is not supported. 


Q38. Refer to the exhibit. 

A zone merge failure occurs with the above error log. What is the problem? 

A. Two switches have the same zone set name but different zone members. 

B. Two switches have different zone names and different members. 

C. Two switches have the same zone set name and the same members. 

D. Two switches have different zone names. 


Q39. Cisco UCS users residing behind N5K2 are complaining about poor performance with a single LAN application in the data center. Which statement best explains what is wrong with N5K2? 

A. Traffic balancing is based on the destination IP address. 

B. Port channel members do not have equal bandwidths. 

C. The trunk between the Nexus 5000 switches is filtering all VLANs. 

D. E2/1 on N7010-C2 is not configured as a trunk for application traffic from N5K2. 



Traffic balancing is based on the destination IP address

Use the “show port-channel load-balance” command to verify.

Q40. Refer to the exhibit. 

A customer is having a problem getting NPV to work. What is causing the problem? 

A. The core NPV switch port is not an F port. 

B. The core NPV switch port is in a shutdown state. 

C. The core NPV switch port is not configured on both ends. 

D. The core NPV switch port is not configured on the other end. 

E. The core NPV switch ports are in the wrong domain.