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Q21. Your customer is deploying a new application that is based on OpenStack. Which HPE storage solution supports this deployment? 

A. HPE StoreAII 

B. HPE StoreVirtual VSA 

C. HPE storeEasy 

D. HPE StoreEver 


Q22. You are meeting with a small SMB customer to discuss the requirements of a new storage solution The customer tells you that they require a new consolidated platform to provide file storage with built-in deduplication for no more than 20 Microsoft Windows users The customer has limited Budget and IT skills. 

With which HPE product should you start the conversation? 

A. HPE StoreOnce 

B. HPE StoreVirtual 

C. HPE StoreServ 

D. HPE StoreEasy 


Q23. Which benefit does dual-domain offer over dual-path SAS? 

A. Dual-path SAS implementations make it possible to tolerate host bus adapter (HIBA) failure. 

B. Dual-domain SAS implementations provide some lower cost solutions that cover cable failure. 

C. Dual-path SAS implementations provide full redundancy of a SAS solution. 

D. Dual-domain SAS implementations make it possible to tolerate host bus adapter (HBA) failure. 


Explanation: Dual-domain SAS implementations make it possible to tolerate host bus adapter (HBA) failure, external cable failure, expander failure, failure in a spanned disk (JBOD) environment, and failure in Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) 


Q24. Before upgrading your customers SAN fabric based on HPE B-series switches, you need the firmware and switch-and-port status information for the current switches. Which commands can be run to obtain this information? (Select two.) 

A. showver 

B. switchshow 

C. version 

D. fabricshow 

E. showport 

Answer: B,C 

Q25. What connects Fibre Channel SAN switches to form a scalable SAN Fabric? 



C. FCoE 



Q26. Your customer has the following backup strategy: Sunday to Thursday -> Daily Incremental Friday -> Weekly Full No backup is run on a Saturday Backup window is 22:00 – 04:00 

They suffer a catastrophic failure on Thursday at 05.30. Which backup sets are required to restore the the failed system to the most recent state? 

A. last full backup plus all incremental backups 

B. last full backup plus the last incremental backup 

C. last incremental backup only 

D. last full backup only4 


Q27. Which RAID level uses double parity Advanced Data Guarding? 

A. 1 

B. 5 

C. 6 

D. 10 


Explanation: DEFINITION double-parity RAID Sponsored News Scale-out Storage and Falling Flash Prices –SolidFire Why HC Lets You Rest Easy with Better Resiliency and Data Protection –SimpliVity See More Vendor Resources RAID 50 Interleave White Paper –Xtore Storage Magazine: Storage Management for a Virtual World –IBM Double-parity RAID (redundant array of independent disks), also called diagonal-parity RAID, Advanced Data Guarding (RAID_ADG), or RAID-6, is a method of protecting against multiple storage drive failures by creating two sets of parity data on an array of hard disks. 

Q28. Which information is exchanged in the FLOGI sequence between a FlexFabric module and a SAN switch? 


B. port ID 




Q29. Which HPE direct attach storage product offers an archiving platform for HPE ProLiant c-Class servers? 

A. HPE StoreAll 

B. HPE Ultrium Tape Blades 


D. HPE StoreOnce Backup 



Match the switch solution to the appropriate management tool to document an existing SAN switch environment. 


Explanation: H-Series Switches = SAN Connection Manager Brocade Switches = Fabric Watch Brocade Switches = Fabric Vision H-Series Switches = QuickTools