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2017 Apr N10-006 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. Joe, a network technician, is setting up a DHCP server on a LAN segment. Which of the following options should Joe configure in the DHCP scope, in order to allow hosts on that LAN segment using dynamic IP addresses, to be able to access the Internet and internal company servers? (Select THREE). 

A. Default gateway 

B. Subnet mask 

C. Reservations 

D. TFTP server 

E. Lease expiration time of 1 day 

F. DNS servers 

G. Bootp 

Answer: ABF 

Q22. A malicious user floods a switch with frames hoping to redirect traffic to the user's server. Which of the following attacks is the user MOST likely using? 

A. DNS poisoning 

B. ARP poisoning 

C. Reflection 

D. SYN attack 

Answer: B 

Q23. A technician needs to secure web traffic for a new e-commerce website. Which of the following will secure traffic between a web browser and a website? 



C. WPA2 


Answer: A 

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Q24. A technician is helping a SOHO determine where to install the server. Which of the following should be considered FIRST? 

A. Compatibility requirements 

B. Environment limitations 

C. Cable length 

D. Equipment limitations 

Answer: B 

Q25. An organization notices a large amount of malware and virus incidents at one satellite office, but hardly any at another. All users at both sites are running the same company image and receive the same group policies. Which of the following has MOST likely been implemented at the site with the fewest security issues? 

A. Consent to monitoring 

B. Business continuity measures 

C. Vulnerability scanning 

D. End-user awareness training 

Answer: D 

Q26. A network administrator recently installed a web proxy server at a customer's site. The following week, a system administrator replaced the DNS server overnight. The next day, customers began having issues accessing public websites. Which of the following will resolve the issue? 

A. Update the DNS server with the proxy server information. 

B. Implement a split horizon DNS server. 

C. Reboot the web proxy and then reboot the DNS server. 

D. Put the proxy server on the other side of the demarc. 

Answer: A 

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Q27. The ability to make access decisions based on an examination of Windows registry settings, antivirus software, and AD membership status is an example of which of the following NAC features? 

A. Quarantine network 

B. Persistent agents 

C. Posture assessment 

D. Non-persistent agents 

Answer: C 


Corporate headquarters provided your office a portion of their class B subnet to use at a new office location. Allocate the minimum number of addresses (using CIDR notation) needed to accommodate each department. 

Alter accommodating each department, identify the unused portion of the subnet by responding to the question on the graphic. All drop downs must be filled. 

Instructions: When the simulation is complete, please select the Done button to submit. 

All Networks have the range form /0 to/32 



Sales network – /26 – This will provide up to 62 usable IP addresses (64-2 for 

subnet and broadcast IP) 

HR network – /27 – This will provide for up to 30 usable IP’s (32-2) 

IT – /28 – This will provide for up to 14 usable IP’s (16-2) 

Finance – /26 – Note that a /27 is 32 IP addresses but 2 of those are reserved for the network and 

broadcast IP’s and can’t be used for hosts. 

Marketing – /28 

If we add up how many IP blocks are used that is 64+32+16+64+16=192. 

A /24 contains 256 IP addresses, so 256-192=64. 

So the last unused box should be a /26, which equates to 64 addresses

Q29. A host has been assigned the address This is an example of which of the following address types? 



C. Static 

D. Public 

Answer: A 

Q30. Which of the following refers to a network that spans several buildings that are within walking distance of each other? 





Answer: A