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Q51. Which statements about the Salesforce Classic Mobile application are true? (Select all that apply)

A. It is a server application

B. It provides mobile access to data, tasks, and calendar

C. It works only when a smartphone is connected to a wireless network

D. It downloadsrelevant data for standard Salesforce objects and custom objects

Answer: BD


The native mass email functionality in Salesforce is not recommended for marketing. Is this a true statement?

Answer: Yes. The limit of 1000 mass emails a day per org makes the massemail functionality prohibitive for campaigning.

Q53. Where do you select the "Marketing User" checkbox to enable a user to create, edit, delete, and clone campaigns; manage campaign members; and edit advanced campaign setup?

A. Org-wide defaults

B. User record

C. Profile

D. Sharing Rules

Answer: B


We deal with a very large volume of merchants that fall under partner accounts. We need a way to easily track renewals for these accounts. The volume is too high to manually create renewal opportunities for each account. Is there a way to automate this?

Answer: Using APEX trigger you can develop logic and create renewal opp every time when current opp is closed. This will give you great forecast of upcoming revenue and have renewal deals ready to go.

Q55. Why are profiles important when managing security of records? (Select all that apply)

A. Profiles allow users Read permission only. Toallow Create, Edit, or Delete permissions, an admin must change the default setting.

B. When custom applications are installed or created, you can manage access at the profile level. C. Profiles define auser's permission to perform different functions within Salesforce.

C. Profiles manage data visibility based on where users are placed

Answer: BC


Sales Methodology means an industry recognized standard sales process?

Answer: False – Sales Methodology is what works for yourorganizationtools such as MillerHeismanleverage learning in this area.


Will Sidebar Search or Advanced Search find information in Chatterfeeds?

Answer: No. Only Global Search will find information in feeds.

Q58. Your company has decided they want to track payment and deliveries for their products and services. Place the steps in order:

A. Set up default schedules for any products that involve regular payments or delivery.

B. Do not set up default schedules for products that involve payments or deliveries that are unique to each opportunity.

C. Enable Scheduling for all products.

Answer: ABC


When using Social Contacts, what determines the amount of information a Salesforce user sees when viewing a social network profile for a contact?

Answer: 1. The user's social network connection to the contact

2. The contact's social network privacy settings


What is the outcome if no translation exists for a specific component in Salesforce?

Answer: If there is no translated value for a customized component, users see the value in the organization's default language.