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Q141. What component of a web application that stores the session state in a cookie can be bypassed by an attacker? 

A. An initialization check 

B. An identification check 

C. An authentication check 

D. An authorization check 


Q142. Which of the following methods provides the MOST protection for user credentials? 

A. Forms-based authentication 

B. Digest authentication 

C. Basic authentication 

D. Self-registration 


Q143. An organization lacks a data retention policy. Of the following, who is the BEST person to consult for such requirement? 

A. Application Manager 

B. Database Administrator 

C. Privacy Officer 

D. Finance Manager 


Q144. A system is developed so that its business users can perform business functions but not user administration functions. Application administrators can perform administration functions but not user business functions. These capabilities are BEST described as 

A. least privilege. 

B. rule based access controls. 

C. Mandatory Access Control (MAC). 

D. separation of duties. 


Q145. Alternate encoding such as hexadecimal representations is MOST often observed in which of the following forms of attack? 

A. Smurf 

B. Rootkit exploit 

C. Denial of Service (DoS) 

D. Cross site scripting (XSS) 


Q146. If compromised, which of the following would lead to the exploitation of multiple virtual machines? 

A. Virtual device drivers 

B. Virtual machine monitor 

C. Virtual machine instance 

D. Virtual machine file system 


Q147. the information below to answer the question. 

An organization experiencing a negative financial impact is forced to reduce budgets and the number of Information Technology (IT) operations staff performing basic logical access security administration functions. Security processes have been tightly integrated into normal IT operations and are not separate and distinct roles. 

Which of the following will MOST likely allow the organization to keep risk at an acceptable level? 

A. Increasing the amount of audits performed by third parties 

B. Removing privileged accounts from operational staff 

C. Assigning privileged functions to appropriate staff 

D. Separating the security function into distinct roles 


Q148. Which one of the following is a fundamental objective in handling an incident? 

A. To restore control of the affected systems 

B. To confiscate the suspect's computers 

C. To prosecute the attacker 

D. To perform full backups of the system 


Q149. What is the GREATEST challenge to identifying data leaks? 

A. Available technical tools that enable user activity monitoring. 

B. Documented asset classification policy and clear labeling of assets. 

C. Senior management cooperation in investigating suspicious behavior. 

D. Law enforcement participation to apprehend and interrogate suspects. 


Q150. What is the term commonly used to refer to a technique of authenticating one machine to another by forging packets from a trusted source? 

A. Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack 

B. Smurfing 

C. Session redirect 

D. Spoofing