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2016 Oct 350-080 Study Guide Questions:

Q101. What is the default burst in a LAN QoS policy?

A. 10240

B. 9216

C. 20480

D. 1548

Answer: A

Q102. Refer to the exhibit.

The engineer needs to check if keepalive messages between two servers in the address range arrive from the device that is directly connected via the trunk interface. Which two configurations should be applied on the switch port to achieve displayed output? (Choose two.)

A. ip access-list LO_FILTERstatistics per-entry10 permit ip any20 permit ip any any

B. ip access-list LO_FILTER10 permit ip any20 permit ip any any

C. ip access-list LO_FILTER10 permit ip any20 deny ip any any

D. Nexus5K(config)# interface Ethernet1/1Nexus5K(config-if)# ip access-group LO-FILTER in

E. Nexus5K(config)# interface Ethernet1/1Nexus5K(config-if)# ip port access-list LO-FILTER in

F. Nexus5K(config)# interface Ethernet1/1Nexus5K(config-if)# ip port access-group LO-FILTER out

Answer: A,E

Q103. When creating a QoS policy dialog box in Cisco UCSM, which four fields can be modified? (Choose four.)

A. name

B. best-effort

C. burst

D. rate

E. host control

Answer: A,C,D,E

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Far out cisco exam 350-080:

Q104. What are the three benefits of SSL offload? (Choose three.)

A. total offload of encryption from the servers

B. partial offload of encryption from the servers

C. Layer 5 to 7 awareness for Layer 7 switching

D. Layer 5 to 7 awareness for Layer 5 to 7 switching

E. public certificates required on both load balancer and the real server

F. public certificate required only on load balancer

Answer: A,C,F

Q105. A load balancer performs an operation on a predefined parameter, such as the IP address, HTTP cookie, or URL, when a new connection is made so that another connection with the same parameter will always reach the same server. Which load-balancing predictor does this statement describe?

A. round robin

B. least-connections

C. hashing

D. least-loaded

Answer: C

Q106. Which statement best describes ACL configuration using configuration session mode on Cisco Nexus switches?

A. The verify command will validate commands entered for syntax errors.

B. The save command will save the commands entered to the startup configuration.

C. The network administrator can perform a dry-run ACL configuration by verifying the configuration against the hardware and software resources available before applying it.

D. Configuration sessions can be saved and resumed at any time, even after upgrading NX-OS Software on the switch with ISSU.

E. Configuration sessions are global for all VDCs on the Nexus 7000.

Answer: C

Approved 350-080 review:

Q107. Which three statements about IPv4 ACLs and the IPsec feature are true? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco SAN-OS software allows only name-based IPv4 ACLs.

B. The IPsec feature considers source and destination IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

C. IKE traffic (UDP port 500) is encrypted.

D. The IPsec feature does not support port number ranges.

E. Inbound and outbound traffic is evaluated against the same outbound IPv4 ACL.

Answer: A,D,E



Q109. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements about the output and diagram are true? (Choose two.)

A. FI-A is configured in FC switch mode.

B. VSAN trunking is enabled on FI-A.

C. The native VSAN should be VSAN 1.

D. Cisco UCS will allow all VSANs by default when FC trunking is enabled.

E. FI-A requires VSAN pruning.

F. Interface fc1/8 on MDS-A should be configured as a TE Port.

Answer: B,D

Q110. Which statements are valid for a local SPAN configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Source and destination interface must be on the same host

B. Source and destination interfaces can be on different hosts

C. Destination vEthernet interface can be on a different VLAN than the source

D. Destination interface can be a physical port

E. Destination interface cannot be a physical port

Answer: A,D

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