Tips to Pass 1z0-067 Exam (21 to 30)

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2016 Oct 1z0-067 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. You want to reduce fragmentation and reclaim unused space for the sales table but not its 

dependent objects. During this operation, you want to ensure the following: 

i.Long-running queries are not affected. 

ii.No extra space is used. 

iii.Data manipulation language (DML) operations on the table succeed at all times 

throughout theprocess. 

iv.Unused space is reclaimed both above and below the high water mark. 

Which alter TABLE option would you recommend? 





Answer: A 

Q22. Which three conditions must be met before you create a Virtual Private Catalog (VPC)? 

A. A base recovery catalog should exist. 

B. The owner of VPC cannot own recovery catalog. 

C. At least one target database should be registered in the recovery catalog. 

D. The register database privilege should be granted to the virtual catalog owner. 

E. The recovery_catalog_owner role should be granted to the virtual catalog owner. 

Answer: C,D,E 


Q23. You create a default Flashback Data Archive FLA1and enable it for the 

EMPLOYEEStablein the HRschema. 

After a few days, you want to alter the EMPLOYEEStable by executing the command: 


Which statement is true about the execution of the command? 

A. It gives an error because DDL statements cannot be executed on a table that is enabled for Flashback Data Archive. 

B. It executes successfully and all metadata related to the EMPLOYEEStable before altering the table definition is purged from Flashback Data Archive. 

C. It executes successfully and continues to store metadata related to the EMPLOYEEStable. 

D. It executes successfully but Flashback Data Archive is disabled for the EMPLOYEEStable. 

Answer: B 

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Down to date 1z0-067 test:

Q24. Examine these Data Pump commands to export and import objects from and to the same database. 

The dba has not yet created users hr1 and oe1. 

$expdp system/manager schemas = hr.oe directory = EXP_DIR dumpfile = export.dat include = table 

$ impdpsysten/manager schemas = hr1,oe1 directory = EXP_DIR dumpfile = export.dat remap_schena=hr:hrl, oe:oe1 

What will happen when running these commands? 

A. expdp will fail because no path has been defined for the dumpfile. 

B. expdp will succeed butimpdp will fail because the users do not exist. 

C. inpdp will create two users called hr1 and oe1 and import all objects to the new schemas. 

D. impdp will create two users called hr1 and oe1 and import only the tables owned by hr and oe schemas to ht1 and oe1 schemas, respectively. 

Answer: C 

Q25. Which statement is true about the loss or damage of a temp file that belongs to the temporary tablespace of a pluggable database (PDB)? 

A. The PDB is closed and the temp file is re-created automatically when the PDB is opened. 

B. The PDB is closed and requires media recovery at the PDB level. 

C. The PDB does not close and the temp file is re-created automatically whenever the container database (CDB) is opened. 

D. The PDB does not close and starts by using the default temporary tablespace defined for the CD 

Answer: A 

Q26. Examine the RMAN commands executed in your database: RMAN>CONFIGUREDEFAULT DEVICE TYPE TO disk; 



You issue the command: 


Which two statements are true about the command? 

A. It performs a log switch. 

B. It creates compressed backup sets by using binary compression by default. 

C. It backs up only the used blocks in data files. 

D. It backs up data files, the control file, and the server parameter file. 

E. It creates a backup of only the control file whenever the database undergoes a structural change. 

Answer: B,E

Realistic 1z0-067 keys:

Q27. You have a production Oracle 12c database running on a host. 

You want to install and create databases across multiple new machines that do not have any Oracle database software installed. You also want the new databases to have the 

same directory structure and components as your existing 12c database. 

The steps in random order: 

1.Create directory structures similar to the production database on all new machines. 

2.Create a response file for Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) with the same configurations 

as the production database. 

3.Create a database clone template for the database. 

4.Run the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to create the database. 

5.Run OUI in graphical mode on each machine. 

6.Run OUI in silent mode using the OUI response file. 

Identify the required steps in the correct sequence to achieve the requirement with minimal human intervention. 

A. 2, 1, 6, and 4 

B. 2, 3, and 6 

C. 3, 1, 5, and 6 

D. 2, 3, 1, and 6 

E. 1, 5, and 4 

Answer: D 


Users requiring DBAs access have been granted the sysdba enterprise role in Oracle Internet Directory(OID). SSL has been configure for the database and OLD and the password file has been 

configured for the database. 

User scott with sysdba privilege tries to connect remotely using this command: 

$sqlplusscott/tiger@DB0l As sysdba where DB01 is the net service name. 

Which authentication method will be attempted first? 

A. authentication by password file 

B. authentication by using certificates overSSL 

C. authentication by using the Oracle Internet Directory 

D. authentication by using the local OS of the database server 

Answer: A 

Q29. Which three tasks can be automatically performed by the Automatic Data Optimization feature of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)? 

A. tracking the most recent read time for a table segment in a user tablespace 

B. tracking the most recent write time for a table segment in a user tablespace 

C. tracking insert time by row for table rows 

D. tracking the most recent write time for each block in a table segment 

E. tracking the most recent read time for a table segment in the sysauxtablespace 

F. tracking the most recent write time for a table segment in the sysauxtablespace 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q30. Which three statements are true about a job chain? 

A. It can contain a nested chain of jobs. 

B. It can be used to implement dependency-based scheduling. 

C. It cannot invoke the same program or nested chain in multiple steps in the chain. 

D. It cannot have more than one dependency. 

E. It can be executed using event-based or time-based schedules. 

Answer: A,B,E 

Reference: MIN12459 

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